Saturday, 22 October 2011

One down... one to go!

Well I've finished one of the fingerless gloves.

I was surprised at how easy I found knitting on DPN's, they always looked so scary to me and put me off. But once I got the first couple of rows out of the way I found it really enjoyable. It was even more addictive because the rounds were nice and quick, so I every time I went to put it down I though 'Oh just one more round then!'

It did help that I was up and awake at 4:30am with a wide-awake Rose for nearly 2 hours, so I got quite a bit done then. She's got into the habit of waking up around that time every day now and I know she's not hungry so maybe I should try leave her to settle herself...    Oh I don't know..!?

And look! Cables! I cannot believe it, I've actually mange to knit cables. I know it's a relatively simple cable knit pattern but I'm chuffed that I managed it anyhow..! :-)



  1. oh this is nice, where did you get the pattern?

  2. They are lovely, sorry about a non-sleeping baby!

  3. Ooooh lovely!! Fab colour & pattern :)

    Jo x x x

  4. Lovely mitt! I was looking at a very similar pattern with a friend today and ooh-ing and aah-ing over it. Good luck with the second one - they're going to be so pretty and useful!

  5. my twinny's daughter around 18 months is having early wake ups and taking a while to settle again...i was telling her that sophia was the same, some weeks would be a perfect routine then she seemed to slip into a different sleeping pattern and i would feel shattered at the 3-4 wake up the fingerless gloves x

  6. Wow, your gloves don't look 'relatively simple' they look very clever indeed....big pat on the back me thinks! I don't knit much, but having done a few 'paired' things in crochet, I strongly recommend cracking on with the second one straight away!

    Funny how with getting up in the night to kids is manageable bu that is about the hardest time I think, it will probably all change again soon enough and is just a phase, it's the hour change next week isn't it? That may help?

  7. Wow! It's lovely! Hope you don't have too many late nights though!! LOL! Cx

  8. Oh they are gorgeous :o)
    well done you clever thing.
    gosh 4.30 am that is early! hope little Rose starts to sleep in a little longer for you soon.
    enjoy your sunday
    love jooles x

  9. Love the gloves ~ they are really pretty ~ what a fantastic first go at knitting with DPN's! :O)x

  10. Gorgeous! I have just made some for my dd but a much MUCH simpler pattern. x

  11. Fabulous gloves. I`m scared of dpns. I always think it looks massively complicated. Really pretty colour.


  12. Hi , love these ...very pretty . I've linked to your baby ripple today as it's inspiration for my latest project :0)
    Jacquie x

  13. Love your mitts and LOVE the color, good job on the cables too especially knitting them on DPN's. The first few rows are the worst aren't they. Arrrhh, that's way too early for me, but I am a tad older than you :)
    x Sandi