Friday, 21 October 2011

Back to normal.

Hi everybody,

I hope your all well and getting used to the nippy weather?! I swear I feel the cold more than I should at my age... Even though we have the heating on intermittently I'm having to layer up with cardigans and big fluffy socks, inside the house and my fingers are still freezing cold!

I love Autumn, even with the cold weather because everything feels much more cosy and I've got my birthday to look forward to next month. I also do get rather excited about Christmas and look forward to when we can put the tree up and make the house look all festive.

We did put the tree up a little early last year... it wasn't even officially December! We went to buy our tree just to be prepared (it's an artificial one) and then when we got home we just could resist and up it went..! I think we'll wait a little longer this year though... haha. I don't even know if it's stay standing now that we have Rose to contend with, she's got a habit at the moment of pulling things over. If it's not chairs, then it's the clothes airer or the ironing board. She's terrible! I've constantly got my heart in my mouth at the moment, she has so many toys to play with but she just seems to find normal every day objects much more appealing!

I've decided to bite the bullet and I'm Attempting to knit with Double pointed needles. I'm knitting a pair of hand-warmers, the picture on the pattern looks gorgeous and I just Had to have them. I'm a little worried though as the pattern also includes cable knitting, another thing that I've never tried before. Trust me to bite off more than I can chew! But I've sat down armed with a load of youtube tutorials to get me through whilst Rose is having a sleep upstairs. Wish me luck!

(The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Pale pink and is sooo soft and squishy.)

I haven't been in blogland much over the last few day's as we had my Mum to stay. It was so so lovely to see her again, as she lives right down in Cornwall and it was really good for her to spend some good quality time with Rose. I think Rose will be missing all of the constant cuddles and attention she was getting whilst Mum was here..!

In the evenings she was crocheting her blanket and I managed to finish one Christmas present. Just a few more to go still though...


Edited to add: I just wanted to thank everyone who left me a comment on my last post. I was feeling quite down but every one of the lovely comments that you left helped to make me feel back to my normal self. I've been feeling much more positive this week and have had a friend round for lunch one day as well as my usual baby groups, so I feel like I'm making much more of an effort on the friends front. Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm feeling a lot happier now... xxx


  1. I love Autumn too its a wonderful season! I really like the debbie bliss wool, and you will find double point knitting becomes a doddle after you have done a few rows I promise! Have a wonderful weekend. x

  2. Autumn is also my favourite season, my birthday is in December so I love the cold weather! Blimey!! your knitting looks complicated, don't think I could do that, good luck with it can't wait to see the finished gloves, love the colour of the wool, so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Glad you are feeling better, maybe a visit from your Mom was just what the doctor ordered. Being a Mom is the most wonderful and crazy job in the world. It can be very isolating especially as you just moved a year ago. Give yourself some time to get used to the beautiful place you live and enjoy your quiet time. You have friends all over the world, how many people can say that? Rose is a beauty, you are learning something new with double pointed needles and you have friends just a click away.

    Enjoy sweetie, life moves so fast.
    Sending you my best,

  4. So glad to hear that you are feeling much happier Ashley x
    I tried to knit some socks with double pointed needles but i just couldn't get my head around it and gave up! seemed impossible to me but you stick to it and i can't wait to see the results.
    little Rose looks so happy in your mums sweet
    have a happy weekend
    love jooles x

  5. Just reading your last post. I remember moving to Devon and having to start up new friendships. I made some great friends but then had to move back to North East Lincs and spent so many years missing Plymouth and the friends I'd made. I realised eventually that you have to live for now and make yourself happy in the present, because this will eventually become a lovely memory. Well, that sounds rubbish now I read it back, but I'm sure you know what I mean! Love C xxx

  6. Lovely photo of Mum and Rose xx What did the wool with the sequins in crochet up like?

  7. That wool does look lovely.....look forward to seeing your clever, the double ended knitting needles just terrify have taken my hat off to you!
    nattie x

  8. Awww it's good to hear you are feeling brighter x love the colour of the Debbie Bliss yarn! I sent you an email earlier today.....hope it found you!! :D

    Jo x x x

  9. Hi Ashley, glad you are feeling happier this week! Haha, oh I am like you in that I feel the cold too... good job I am crocheting up so many blankets eh?! hehe. Am sitting here typing in fingerless gloves... I usually have a hot water bottle on my lap too when I am doing computery stuff but it went cold and I haven't refilled it yet! Anybody would think it was the arctic in here, whereas in actual fact it's really not that bad, I just feel the cold, especially when sitting still.

    Hope you have a good weekend, that yarn looks yummy, the colour is lovely! Jenny xx

  10. I can so identify with you and the layering up and cold hands!I even resort to fingerless gloves, and it often surprises me when i step outside and its warmer out than in!
    Love that pale pink wool, good luck with your knitting, it will look fab!
    How lovely to have your Mum to stay, and Im so glad you're feeling happier even though Im afraid to say I havent yet read that post - will catch up with you now!
    Love the photos of Rose in your header, shes gorgeous!
    Gill xx

  11. Oooh, that yarn looks gorgeous!!

    Don't worry about double pointed needles or cables, there really are easy especially with the YouTube vids to help - I only learned to knit this year and DP's and cables were the first things I did!!

    Glad you're feeling more chirpy!!

    S x

  12. Hi Ashley!... I am SO glad to hear you are feeling better :)
    Thank you for your comment... can't believe I've been a 'no reply blogger' all this time... oopsie! I have rectified that pronto, thank you for bringing it to my attention! What am I like eh? ;)

    I adore Debbie Bliss Cashmerino wool, it's what I've just knitted my fingerless mitts in (and the pink bow too!) it really is very squishy and soft isn't it, a pleasure to knit with. I am in total awe of your bravery with dpns!!... I do own a set but am just too chicken to try them out, lol. My new goal now is to get them out and give them a try before xmas!!... and cables too... you go girl!! xx

    Looking forward to seeing your next post and your progress on the handwarmers!

    Louise xx

    *btw I have sewn brooch backs onto the bows so I can wear them... one for every outfit? haha*

  13. hi, i have just started knitting and i watched someone cable for the first time and they were surprised how easy so you should be ok x finding knitting easier then crochet knitting a cardigan will blog it soon and as for feeling the cold my o/h thinks im abnormal as my feet always cold sat here now blanket over me icy feet love your blog always enjoy the read and pics xx sarah

  14. Hey Ashley!
    Good to hear you are feeling better! Ugh, I can't stand knitting on DPNs, I always make a mess of it. A while ago at my local Stich'n'Bitch some lovely people showed me how to knit in the round on 2 circular needles, it's so much easier, especially for socks and wrist warmers!
    Enjoy your weekend!