Friday, 28 October 2011

Spontaneous patchwork project!

I was up early this morning with Rose and was having a browse through Pinterest and came across this photo.

I absolutely lovvvee this chair, the glossy colour.. the patchwork seat... Everything!

This got me thinking... last year when my Nan was visiting, we were at the tip getting rid of a load of garden waste (she helps me in the garden every time she visits - lucky me!) and she spotted a chair that someone had thrown away, it was quite nice and as we were short of furniture at the time,  it ended up coming home with us and is used as our computer chair. The chair looks pretty old fashioned but for some reason I've never thought to paint it or anything before.

So when Rose finally went back to sleep, instead of catching up on a little more sleep in my bed that was Definitely calling to me... I got myself organised and started choosing and cutting squares of fabric. I've asked for a cutting board and rotary cutter for my birthday but as I don't have these yet I was just having to roughly draw around them with a ruler before cutting them out with scissors, so it definitely doesn't look perfect but as I'm Extremely new to patchwork, I'm pretty pleased with the result.

In between taking Rose to baby gym at 11am and walking into town to buy sandpaper and a staple gun, I've been busy sewing my patchwork squares together and now I have finished attaching my patchwork to the seat and the chair has been sanded and painted with undercoat. I plan to go and buy my gorgeous coloured paint tomorrow and then get it painted early, I don't know what's got into me! I've never been this spontaneous and motivated at the same time before...ever!

For some unbeknown reason, I've also undertaken the task of baking the Christmas cake tomorrow. The dried fruit is busy soaking up the booze as we speak, so there's no going back now. I really hope Rose is cheery and happy all of tomorrow so I can get this all done! I think she has another tooth about to come through as she was completely unlike herself this afternoon when she woke from her nap and wouldn't stop crying.. Calpol just didn't seem to be helping!



  1. Oooh that chair is absolutely gorgeous! I have 3 chairs in storage right now awaiting painting. I've already painted another. Painting furniture can be addicting. Two of the chairs have fabric seats, that I was planning on using pvc type of fabric to cover, now I want to do patchwork!!! Cannot wait to see your chair. xx

  2. Good for you!! Can't wait to see the final makeover! I've been thinking of trying to do some kind of patchwork project for ages too, but I just can't find the final motivation! Maybe seeing your finished chair will inspire me :) Jenny x

  3. Oh wow I can't wait to see your chair! That picture is so totally inspiring isn't it - I love it. Hope the cake baking goes well. Can you believe this, I baked my Christmas cake on Thursday and the husband cut a giant piece off it last night!!! It didn't stay whole for even 24 flippin' hours. The cheek of it. Oh well - I guess I'll be making another one at this rate. Have fun with your chair hon!

  4. Hello Love. So glad you have decided to have a go with the chair. You'll be fine and it will look really lovely. Dresser next xx

    mighty fine pin cushion there xx

  5. Ooh I can't wait to see it. Wish I could have some of your motivation sent over this way!

    I was wondering when to start making my Christmas cake and then I read that there's a special day for it which falls on 14th November this year so I'll start soaking my fruit next weekend. Exciting eh?! Ha!! xxx

  6. Wow, you're on a creative roll here for sure!
    The patchwork painted chair is going to look gorgeous, cant wait to se the finished thing!
    And good for you getting an early start on your xmas cake!
    Hope you have a fun and creative weekend
    Gill xx

  7. Oooooh lookinh forward to the reveal!!! Sounds right up my street :D

    Have fun!!

    Jo x

  8. If you're making the Christmas cake... does that mean there will be a seriously generous amount of marzipan rather than nan's scrimping? :D :D xxxxx

  9. Ahhh poor little Rose x
    How very exciting I can not wait to see your new chair and thank you for reminding me to add my christmas cake ingredients to my shopping list!
    good luck
    love jooles x

  10. Me too (looking forward to seeing the chair!)
    it's ace when a picture inspires you - isn't the internet a fabulous thing?!
    fee x

  11. That's a lovely chair! I hope the xmas cake turned out ok. I made mine this week too.

  12. thats a lovely chair, so much creativity..
    Cant wait to see yours also..

  13. Those fabrics look really pretty. The chair's going to look fab!

  14. oohh can't wait to see the 'new' chair, hope Rosey's tooth comes through without too much pain :-( x

  15. Ooooh that chair is lovely! I have an old chair from the market calling out for something to be done to it but I've never quite known what... but now i do. Oh dear, the to-do list is getting longer and longer!!

    Oh and you won't know yourself with the rotary cutter and board - I purchased these a year or so ago when I was making a baby quilt for my friend but i didn't know how to use them for measuring so I was still drawing on the fabric (silly me!). But this year I figured out how to use them (not rocket surgery as it happens!) and they are amazing, made cutting out for my baby's quilt a doddle. Good luck with your patches, looking forward to seeing the finished chair!

  16. I also can't wait to see your chair. I salvaged two little school chairs from our local bins recently and have been thinking about what to do with them so often look on Pinterest for inspiration. but I might be coming back here for the MOTIVATION!

    As for the teething, I always found Anbesol to be great. x

  17. Gosh, that is lovely....x