Thursday, 23 June 2011

Weekly round-up...

The garden is continuing to bloom... I think helped along quite a bit by the huge amount of rain water that has been falling onto the flower beds over the last few weeks!

Even if there hasn't been a lot of sunshine lately.. at least this photo looks bright and cheery!

Some of my pink Cosmo's have begun to flower. These flowers have come from my Nan's garden, she brought some up with her when she helped me to sort out my garden and they were one of the flowers that we had at our wedding. Nan did all of the flower arrangements and bouquets for our wedding and she saved some of the seeds from then and grew them on again. It feels quite special to know that this flower comes from the seeds of the flowers I had in my wedding bouquet.

My Lupin plant has begun to flower..! :-) I was so so chuffed when I noticed the flowering part of the plant growing taller and taller.. it looks so impressive in front of all the greenery behind it.

The other day I was saying how I've been potting up my new pots in the garden that were given to me, well here you go..! They're still pretty 'green' looking at the moment, but it won't be long before the plants are looking a bit more perky and start to flower. I can't wait..! I probably sound a little sad... how I get so excited over just plants!

I forgot to include this photo in my last post.. It's from when we went down to meet up with Mum, three generations together.. there would be four, but Nan was taking the photo. She's at Glastonbury at the moment, working as a nurse. I find myself feeling a little jealous as I've been a couple time before and absolutely loved it. But obviously having Rose now.. it wouldn't be the same, and I can watch it all on telly, in the comfort of my own front room!

(Edited to say - I meant my Mum was at Glastonbury, not my Nan! haha)

Ray has had his first Father's Day! He had been working long hours and so had forgotten that it was Father's Day that morning.. so was pleasantly surprised when he went in to get Rose and found a card and present laying next to her. She's obviously very advanced for her age.. being able to go shopping and write in a card already!!  (I apologise for the dodgy t-shirt... it didn't come from me!)

A very happy girl..!

I had my first trip to Hobbycraft yesterday! I needed to get a frame and mount for my Nan's birthday gift, but I couldn't find what I needed so I think I'm going to have to start all over! I've done some embroidery to put in a frame but it's on too smaller piece of fabric now and doesn't fit inside the mount. I'm not overly keen on it anyway, so I don't really mind starting again. Although I'm seeing her on Saturday and supposed to be giving it to her then.. somehow I think it may be a few day's late and have to be sent to her in the post..!

But look at all of the colours! I couldn't resist taking some photo's.. so pretty!

A whole aisle of craft books.... heaven!! I did manage to resist buying any more though, as I really do have quite a few to be getting on with anyway!

Rose has been napping upstairs the whole time I've put this post together... It's Sooooo lovely to have to quiet time to myself..!! Now... time to get on with the housework..!

I got all excited about the prospect of wearing a summer dress today as it was so so sunny this morning here, but yet again... it started to rain. When will the summer really arrive...!? I think we're definitely deserving of a heat wave sometime soon!



  1. What a lovely post Ashley. Rose and Ray look so happy and sweet with breakfast in bed and don't think you are crazy waitng for flowers to arrive, it's very much like that here at ours, I like talking to my plants and encouraging them on!
    You should have written DANGER before you posted those pics of Hobbycraft, it looks like a divine heavenly shop to visit and now I really need to google and see if there is one near me! Oh dear there goes the spare pennies :0)

  2. Glad i'm not the only peron crackers enough to take photo's inside a shop! Did you get any funny looks?

    What a lovely family you have both the one you're from and the one you have made. So sweet.

    Envious of your bed linen, Mr C would not ever allow CK bed linen in our room. Sob!


  3. hang on - did you just say your nan was at Glastonbury???
    fee x

  4. Gosh what a fab idea to save the seeds from your wedding bouquet - wish I'd thought of doing something like that!
    No need to apologise for the t-shirt, I bought my husband a novelty mug for fathers day (I'm not proud of that!),
    Nelly xxx

  5. Looks like a great father's day was had! Hobby craft is a delight to visit. I have to go down every aisle just to drink it all in!

    Have a super friday and weekend!

    Vanessa x

  6. Love all your flowers! And you did well to resist all those lovely inspiring books and all those fun arty bits.
    Glad you had a great father's day too.

  7. You are not sad, I get excited over plants!

    Cute picture of Rose and her Dad...

    have a lovely weekend...

    Lou x

  8. Just found your blog, so saying 'hi'. I take lots of pics in shops, they are so interesting.
    Your three generation pic is very cute. You look like alovely english rose.
    I love the pic of your bed, how perfect.