Friday, 3 June 2011

Soaking up the rays!

Well, we've been pretty busy here..
Last week we went to the wedding of one of Ray's colleagues. It was a really lovely day, but just a shame about the weather as it was really cloudy and overcast. But at least it wasn't raining! We stayed for most of the day but missed the speeches as it got to about 6pm and Rose started to get pretty grouchy, so we decided to head off and get her to bed. I think it would have just been far too stressful trying to keep her quiet throughout the speeches.

I can't believe how big she looks in this photo! She's still my little baby... but obviously not Quite so little anymore..! Not that she was ever tiny though...

Here are a few photo's of the garden at the moment...

A load of my sweet peas have begun to flower..! I'm so chuffed, they do look so pretty. I did make a bit of a mistake though.. I didn't read the information properly and planted them all in the middle of the flowerbeds, that was before my Nan told me what a mistake I'd made. I didn't realise that they need to be up against something to climb, so then I had to move every single one of them. Basically, I made a whole lot more work for myself!

This is one of the plants that I got when my Nan came to visit, I've got a few of them spotted around the garden. They're such a lovely bright colour and have such detailed petals...

I thought I would take a photo of the mobile that my mum made me, I had originally hung it up in the house but I moved it into the garden and it looks so much better out in a more 'natural' place. Isn't it lovely.. she sells them on her Etsy shop, Cornwall Calling. Go and take a peek. : )

When my Nan came to stay and helped me with the garden, we attacked the hedge to try and clear some space and we found the most gorgeous Rose plant. It was completely hidden by all the other overgrown 'green stuff'! I'm so chuffed with finding it, it had a load of buds just about to bloom and it's Such a gorgeous colour.

I had my cousin Josie up to stay for a night on Wednesday, we had such a lovely day and evening. Ray stayed in to watch Rose and we went to the cinema.. it feels like such a treat to go to the cinema nowadays! We hadn't been for aggeess and then suddenly I've been twice in the last two weeks! My nan babysat whilst Ray and I went to see Thor last week and then I went with Jose to see The Hangover 2 on weds night. I wasn't sure whether or not it was going to be a great film.. thought it might have been a bit of a disappointment, but it was sooo funny!! Laugh out loud funny. That's always the way thought isn't it.. if you build something up in your head to be brilliant then you can easily be disappointed, whereas if you don't expect much.. you can be pleasantly surprised..! I forgot to take any pictures whilst she was up though which I'm annoyed at myself for doing... silly me!

This was Rose enjoying the sunshine whilst I was doing a spot of gardening the other day..

She's been a bit miserable in the late afternoon/evenings the last few days.. the joy's of teething eh..!? We didn't even know she had a tooth coming until Ray felt it the other day, but suddenly she seems to be quite uncomfortable. So she's been dosed up on teething powder and Calpol this evening and hopefully she'll sleep through the night! Unlike last night when I was downstairs watching TV with her at 4am!



  1. There can be some nice stuff on TV at 4am!! i used to come and play cards on the computer with the J's when they were up. Oh hasn@t life changed!!

    Garden looks lovely xx

  2. I agree, i used to sit and watch TV with you honey, at least with the computer and internet you can blog as well. Lovely pictures, and Rose as ever is gorgeous but then again i am biased. xxxx

  3. Hi Ashley, thanks for popping over and nice to 'meet' you. Your little Rose is adorable and your completed crochet projects just lovely. Your garden is coming along beautifully...enjoy it all this coming is so therapeutic to work out amongst the foliage and flowers! xJosie

  4. Your rose is a sweet cutie pie, Ashley!
    Have a lovely evening xx

  5. Love the new header, Ashley - it looks great. My sweetpeas are sooo far behind yours, I can't believe it!
    Emily x

  6. My sweet peas are way behind too, infact everything is always behind here on the hill as we are a degree cooler than the village below. I always marvel at that.

    Crazy how quickly babies grow isn't it. Just you wait, if you have another baby your first "baby" looks like a total giant!!!