Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ta-dahhhhh! Japanese flower scarf!

Well here you go..!! I finished it. :-)

I did feel a bit silly posing for the photo's though...

Sorry about the cheesy grin on my face! I was trying to reach out and take a photo of just mainly the scarf but then it looked silly when you could only see half of my face..

I'm so chuffed with how it's turned out, the colours are so lovely and warm. It'll be the perfect scarf to wear in the Autumn. The yarn I used was King Cole's - Riot (I'm not too sure which colour variation though). It really was so easy to crochet with and is really soft, so perfect for a big cosy scarf!

On another note.. I was really happy coming away from Slimming World the other night, I lost 2 pounds this week after putting on half a pound the week before and now I only have 5 pounds to go until I reach my target. Woo hoo! :-)



  1. Wow, your scarf is beautiful, love the colour. King cole riot is fab to use. Congratulations on the 2 pound, nearly there. xx

  2. Stunnig!! The scarf that is xx

    It really looks lovely. (and you do too, as always!!)

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I have a serious case of scarf envy and have now added it to my enormous 'to do' list!
    Emily x

  4. Beautiful, I just love it, the King Cole riot is the bestest Noro substitute and oh so much cheaper! Well done on the weight loss, you look lovely anyhow and now with your new scarf it's all too beautiful. I am now thinking I need to make one for myself asthe one I made I gave away some time another project added to my growing list xox Penelope

  5. Oh it looks lovely! That will be fabulous when it gets colder (mind you, it's pretty damn chilly right now in my neck of the woods!). You look lovely - not a cheesy smile at all, you're a beaut.

    Well done on losing 2lb. I'm back on WW tomorrow. I have put on four pounds during my little 'mini-breaks' so I'm starting afresh tomorrow. Isn't it annoying that the very second you start eating 'normally' (ie as you did before) you put a bit of weight on.

    BTW you don't look as though you need to lose an ounce to me but good luck with the last five pounds. Any low cal treats you can recommend?!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Nicki xx

  6. What a beautiful scarf!

    It looks really lovely and cosy you have worked hard on that.

    MBB x

  7. Beautiful! I love the yarn choice--the colorway is lovely--looks very autumnal. :)

  8. Beautiful scarf Ashley, its lovely!
    What a lot of work you must have put into making it, and whilst looking after Rose!
    Well Done!
    Don't believe you need to lose any weight at all, but congrats on what you have achieved!
    Gill xx