Sunday, 19 June 2011

Family, friends and picnics

As I mentioned before, last week Rose and I took a trip back to Dorset for a few days whilst Ray was working all over the weekend. We had such a lovely time.. well I did anyway, I can't really speak for Rose! But I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself!

It was so lovely to be back home, I love it here in Sussex for the moment.. but in a couple of years when Ray will be able to move with work, I do hope to be able to move somewhere a little further south. Somewhere kind of half way between his family and mine. I see my family at least every few weeks but now with a little baby, it really makes you realise how quickly time flies! Seeing how much Rose changes in just a couple weeks makes it feel like I haven't been back in yonks!

As you can see from this picture of my Nan holding Rose.. she now has two teeth! Which has meant some sleepless nights for me... She's already transforming into a toddler! Scary stuff!

I got to see close friends and family whilst we were back in Dorset but as my Mum lives in Cornwall I wasn't going to be able to see her, so my Nan came up with the idea of us driving half way to Cornwall to see her for the day. We met up in Okehampton and went to a lovely place called Finch Foundry where we had a picnic and a look around. I think Mum was a little pleased to see Rose by the look of things!

The garden where we were was beautiful and had some gorgeous plants. So of course... I just Had to take some photo's to put up on here! :-)

These blue flowers were gorgeous! They weren't actually in the garden, it was a plant that Nan had bought. The flowers look like their made out of silk and to me, they look like they could be tiny fairy bonnet's.

We had our picnic next to the river, the leaflet we had recommended going on the 'river walk'. For some reason we thought this would be a walk suitable for a pushchair but it was the complete opposite, we had to carry Rose over quite a few obstacles before finding somewhere suitable to settle down for our lunch. That'll teach me to forget to put the baby carrier in the car!

I think this blue spiky looking plant is amazing, I don't know what it is though but I'd love to have some in my garden... so I'll have to find out...

They're all so lovely.. I want them all! Greedy me! But as you can see from the above photo.. Rose was also rather keen... 

I was given some pots for the garden from my step-dad and have been busy outside potting them up so I will try and get some photo's up on here soon. :-)

Right! Well, time to go and sort out dinner... so I will love you and leave you!



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time and the photos are gorgeous! Adorable photo of little Rose with her stripy tights, trying to eat that flower! Bless her, she's gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing your potted up plants.

    Nicki xx

  2. Ah, lovely - it looks like you had a great time with your family (oh my god, I can't believe how young your mum looks!)
    Good luck with the potting
    Emily x

  3. Having children really shows how quickly the time flies away. My mum and dad live in South Africa and only see Alice on Skype which is not quite the same as in the flesh. We plan to fly out to SA next easter and I can't wait. It's so important to embrace each sweet moment with generations within family and it certainly looks like you did in Dorset. Rose is heavenly, I certainly remember those teeth cutting nights....oh boy tired is an understatement! Have a great week ahead Ashley xox

  4. I'm sure Rose had a lovely time! She looks adorable....gorgeous pictures, that was my kind of day out.

    Lou xxx

  5. Lovely photos,looks like a gorgeous place.I especially love the tiny fairy bonnets(sorry bluebells!)
    I cant believe how quickly Rose is growing,she looks so sweet trying to eat that flower,take care,juliexxx

  6. Looks like you had a lovely time. Love your flower scarf, by the way! Laura x

  7. Hi Ashley!
    Rose is just so beautiful! No wonder your Mum wa so happy to see her!
    They seem to grow before your very eyes!
    Looks a wonderful place to visit, with lovely flowers.
    The blue flower is Centaurea Montana (Cornflower) - i had loads in the garden of the hosue we moved from last year, it was a wonderful plant and such an intense blue.
    Combined with the alchemilla mollis shown in your last picture, they looked both great in the garden and as cut flowers - highly recommend both if you can find them!
    Thanks for visint my blog and leaving a comment! I had to wait a long while for my own sewing room - until i was 50! Hopefully you wont have to wait that long! But it was worth the wait. Before then I took over the dining room table and half the bedroom!
    Gill xx

  8. Love all your beautiful photographs of flowers and little one.
    I am now following! Becca xxx

  9. Hey - nice to meet you! (I see we share lots of blogging friends!)
    Off for a nosey round your blog!
    fee x
    (think you would like my sister nelly's blog too - she has a baby girl not much younger than your flower eating one. She's 'nelly's eggs')

  10. Hi Honey
    They are lovely photos, maybe you should have a go at taking a photography course?? I love that photo of Rose and I. The one of her trying to eat the flower is gorgeous, she is definitely going to be a mischievous little girl.
    Love Mum xxxx