Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A couple of Almost finished projects..!

Well.. I thought I'd take a moment  to sit down and write a post..

I've just got back from the health visitors to get Rose weighed, not that we ever got to get that done.. I drove all the way over there with Rose and then as I went to walk in the building there was a sign outside saying that they weren't there today. Very annoying.. but I suppose it can't be helped. It'll just have to wait.. It's not like she's wasting away or anything!

Ray has been on night-shifts over the weekend, so we're having to be quiet so he can sleep... this isn't that easy though when Rose has found her voice and it babbling away at full-volume! Think we might be taking a walk into town in a little while...

So, I've finally got around to starting the flowers for my 'Spring Explosion tea cosy' from Crochet with Raymond. I'm making a lot of them from my '100 flowers to knit & crochet' book... but a lot of them in the book are knitted with double ended knitting needles. This just scares me.. but is it actually a lot more complicated!? Or would I be able to figure it out....

I'm going for a bold and bright colour scheme, a little like Alice's.. I just need to keep myself motivated and get on with making more flowers!

I've begun to block my Japanese flower scarf, I'm pinning it to a big cork board to block it but can only fit sections of the scarf at one time, so it's taking a few days to do..

I can't wait until it's finished and I can wear it... although I probably won't be wearing it for a few months yet until the weather gets a little colder..!

Right, she's getting louder and louder and has taken to screeching now, so I think we'll take a walk into town!



  1. Well, Ash those japanese flowers look amazing, and you will wish for a cool day to be able to wear it!!!!
    I like the tea cozy, and yes you need to keep going with making flowers as it will look amazing when it is finnished........ tea anyone?
    well done
    and Rose is definately be a vocal child, a bit like you were!!

  2. Love the green of the tea cosy, the flowers you are making will gorgeous against it. I have that book too, was a bit disappointed that it seemed so many of the flowers are knitted rather than crocheted. I have no clue when it comes to knitting.

    That scarf looks gorgeous, I do love the look of the japanese flowers that have swept blog land. So so pretty!

    Hope you had a nice time in town. I have been there luckily only briefly with a night shift working husband and small baby. Its hard work!

    MBB x

  3. i love your japanesse flowers, they are so pretty but look very complicated to me !
    hope you had a nice time in town
    j x

  4. Remember I have plent of needles if you meed some DPN's. just mastered the art of fingerless mits with out a join!! Impressed or what!! Look forward to seeing it all finished. Will message you to sort out a day to come up. Roll on my holiday. Trick is to fill it so I don't wish I was going to Glastonbury, SO many good bands this year, right up my street!!

    Love you lots xx

  5. Hi Ashley, your tea cosy is coming on a treat and it will be worth making a variety of flowers. Alice at Raymond is very aware of my "fear" of DPN's and she is always trying to encourage me and no matter how many you tube videos I've watched and instructions I've read I cannot master using them. I think ive developed a block against them!!! I've asked my LYS to do a workhop on using them as I would love to make socks or knit in a tube without any sewing up! So good luck if you get started with these, I think you'll never look back :0)

    Love your Japanese flower scarf, just gorgeous and well worth the blocking wait. You are so quick and quite the marvel! Love visiting your blog, thanks for commenting on mine too xox Penelope

  6. That's a gorgeous tea cosy - I think I might need you to make me one (hee hee!) I've back-ordered a new book called '200 crochet flowers, embellishments and trims' - it's due to be published at the end of the month and I am almost tragically excited about it arriving! Will blog about it and let you know if it's worth getting.
    Emily x
    PS - The scarf's looking amazing!

  7. Your scarf is so pretty, can't wait to see your cozy when its full of flowers. xx

  8. Love the tea cosy , that is on my 'to do' list,love the flowers and the japenese scarf too,you clever girl!xxx

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a new follower - you are very welcome!
    Love the tea cosy, and the japanes flower scarf is beautiful! Well done for making the time to do these things - is all to easy just to let the little one and chores take over and have nothing for yourself.
    So what if the house gets messy! For me it was making dried flower arrangements whenever my baby slept - would leave the washing up til later, and satisfy my creative urge by making something pretty!
    Gill xx

  10. Hello, I can't wait to see the tea cosy finished, no pressure! ;)
    The japanese flowers look gorgeous.

    Lou xxx

  11. Ah, that reminds me I have a half built cosy in my WiP stash. Honestly my WiP's are ridiculous. I MUST finish some. Maybe I'll finish the teacosy since yours is AmAzInG gorjass!!

    DPNS...horrors! I'm struggling with two needles, actually thats a lie, I struggle with the speed, knitting grows so slowly doesn't it!

    Try blocking on those big foam jigsaw play mat pieces. Have a look on Little Tin Bird's blog, Heather has blogged about them there. I'm going to get myself some as they are big yet light and so could be propped against a wall out of the way.

    Mini is hollering now too so I best go, babies hey?!


  12. I love the tea cosy - what a beautiful colour and the flowers are wonderful too. N x

  13. Your teacozy and flowers are stunningly sweet. I was just thinking the other day that I needed a teacozy for on my table!

    Hugs to you for a great day. xox

  14. Love the Japanese flowers, and the tea cosy! Erika Price Jewelry