Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Making the most of the sunshine.

Last night I felt exhausted after spending pretty much the whole day working away in the garden... It really needed to be done, but it's just a case of finding the time really! Nothing new there!

I suppose it's because I'm new to gardening, but I'm not always sure where the best place for the plants in the flowerbeds is. So half the time I just shove them in anywhere, then a lot of the plants grow and grow and end up looking a bit out of place where I've originally put them.

So I had a big move around and the big tall one's are now at the back where they belong, and the little one's at the front. It's all looking a bit more organised, but I still have lots more to be getting on with!

I was completely chuffed when I realised a little while ago that one of the plants my Nan had brought up with her was a foxglove. I was so desperate for one, I think the way the flower's grow looks so impressive and the colour of this one is beautiful. So it put a smile on my face when I spotted the flowers appearing..

We had a visit from Ray's Mum, sister and little niece... we usually go round to his parents house to see them, so it was lovely to have them around here. I think you tend to feel so much more comfortable when you have people around your own house, you do have to look after everyone obviously, but you can feel more relaxed in the enviroment your used to.

Ray's sister gave us this lovely bouquet of flowers, aren't they gorgeous..!? All of the bright colours look amazing and I currently have the vase sat next to my branch with coloured crochet hearts hanging from, they compliment each other well!

They looked so pretty, I just had to take some photo's.

I was feeling a bit down the other day about whether or not I was doing thing's right when it comes to putting Rose in her cot to sleep for the night. Thank you so much for the lovely comments I recieved, it was so reassuring to know that everyone does everything differently, and there really is no wrong or right way of doing things.
I decided that I wanted Rose to learn to fall asleep by herself, not fall asleep whilst feeding from me and then me having to transfer her to the cot very carefully. If she can fall to sleep on her own, it would make the idea of a friend or family babysitting her at that time in the evening much less daunting.

The first night, I bathed her, got her ready for bed, fed her but made sure she was sleepy but not completely asleep when I put her down in the cot. I told myself that if she cried I would leave her for a maximum of 10 minutes then go up and settle her without picking her up. But I came downstairs and she only cried on/off for a maximum of 5 minutes before falling fast asleep. The next night it was literally only 2 minutes and then tonight, not a peep! I couldn't believe it... we've cracked it! :-) I never knew something like that would make me so happy!

I been working away on the cardigan I'm knitting for Rose.. 12-18 months this time. At least I know this one will fit her for more than 1 day!! I've also been getting more done on my hexagon blanket.. it seems to be one of those projects that I stop, start, stop, start.. it's nice to have a project that's continually there to work on whenever I feel like it..

Okay, back to the hexagon blanket. Ray's on nights at the moment, so just Rose and I at home. Oh how it's lovely to have complete control over the remote control! haha



  1. The flowers are lovely Ash. (the ones in the garden too!!) Well done for the sleeping thing with Rose. What is the cardigan like?

    Lettie xx

  2. Your garden is a delight, I used to have a beautiful cottage garden, but no longer (I rent now) What a good girl Rose is, my first cried for an hour the first night, I went in and comforted him but didn't pick him up, three quarters the second, half the next, quarter the next then nothing. My husband had to almost tie me to the bed so I didn't go rushing in all the time. I felt so sad listening to him cry, but he was 7 months old and would just play and not feed. It still broke my heart.
    x Sandi

  3. Gorgeous post Ash. I love those flowers, you have a real cottage garden feel going on.
    Brilliant news re Rose. I do hope it lasts.
    My son is only just sleeping through the night properly this last couple of weeks and he is just over two.
    Do you find knitting easier than crochet?
    x x

  4. Hi Honey
    Wow your garden is beautiful, definitely getting the green fingers, and it is so good with the bedtime routine well done
    lots of love Mum xxxxx

  5. Hi Ashley!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post - it is busy in the garden at the moment and then the time just disappears!
    It sounds like you too have been busy working in your garden - you have some lovely flowers there. I think your approach is the best way of learning what works - that how i started years ago, not knowing very much and just going for it - you soon learn by your mistakes, and get inpsired by your successes, plus you learn from friends and family too.
    Congratulations on getting Rose to sleep on her own - well done, that is such a huge thing and will pay you, and her, huge dividends in the years to come - I never managed it successfully with my daughter despite years of trying all different ways - but i was working and home late so it was doomed to failure due to circumstances - never had a chance to get a good early bedtime routine, so important.
    Have a great weekend Ashley!
    Gill xx