Sunday, 5 August 2012

Our 2nd wedding anniversary!

I had a lovely day on Tuesday as it was our 2nd year wedding anniversary. Considering we weren't Supposed to be 'doing' presents this year (we are trying to save our pennies for Ray's big GP exam and our little arrival due at the end of the year, not to mention that big occasion in December that tends to cost quite a bit of money....!) I was thoroughly spoilt! 

Not that I reallllyyy minded all that much though! ;-)

Ray had hinted that I had to stay in for a morning delivery of the floral kind, he couldn't get to the shops to buy some nice flowers due to work apparently... but when the doorbell went I was surprised to have the delivery man hand me one Huge box, I thought it must be one Huge bouquet of flowers! haha

But inside the massive box was This shiny new laptop! :D I will point out that my previous laptop was really on it's last legs and as well as the hinge being so broken that the screen couldn't be adjusted at all, there were  dodgy wires on show... (not great when you have a very curious toddler in your home!), you couldn't unplug it even for a minute and the fan was so loud that Ray would have to turn the TV up high just to drown out the noise! So it was only a matter of time before it died and we Had to get a new one... but Wow was it a great surprise as I had no idea Ray had even ordered it. :-) 

I'm sat here tonight,  laid back on the comfy sofa as the laptop stays alive without being plugged into the plug point at all times... and it's pretty much silent as the fan is So quiet on this laptop. I'm chuffed to bits with it as you can Probably tell! 

I didn't expect flowers after that extravagant gift but in the afternoon the doorbell went again and I was given these beauties! The lilies are just Stunning and fill the room with the most amazing scent - Thank you my lovely xXx

Ray really earnt his brownie points that day as then in the evening my friend had Rose to stay for the night and we went out for dinner, then to a show at the theatre, it was amazing and it just felt so great to be out for a night out together in the evening time!



  1. Happy Anniversary to a sweet couple.

  2. Happy Anniversary. What fab gifts you got. The flowers are stunning.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! You were a very lucky girl indeed :0) x

  4. Happy Anniversary!! What beautiful gifts - you are a very lucky lady indeed :) - the flowers are just stunning - we had pink roses exactly the same shade in our wedding flowers. Doesn't time fly though, 2 years!! I say this because on 4th September it will be our 2 year anniversary as well - though it feels like yesterday! Hope you had a lovely day!!! P.S. the teacosy still has pride of place on the teapot in the centre of our dining table xx

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! Gorgeous flowers and a new lappy. Lucky girl :)

    Ruby x

  6. Rose is a beautiful flower in all flowers ! Happy Anniversary !!!

    Anniversary flowers

  7. Happy Anniversary! I must say your Ray did a super job. A surprise is the best kind of anniversary.

  8. Wow, impressive 2nd anniversary present! We should really update the traditional list for the digital age - a laptop is definitely better than paper! Those lilies look beautiful too. Plus dinner out and the theatre, and a lovely selection of cards there. You must have had a wonderful day.

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