Saturday, 11 August 2012

The highs sometimes comes with the lows...

Today started out as a lovely day, we were all up early. Ray and I took Rose to get her first Proper haircut, my Nan has given her hair a little trim once or twice when we've been back in Dorset (she's a hairdresser) but it really needed a good all-over neaten up as it all seems to grow at a slightly different rate. It was definitely a challenge to get her to stay still, I was glad to have had Ray with me to help distract her!

We went to Petworth house for the day to meet up with Ray's Mum and brother, even though it's only about half an hours drive from us I'd never actually been and it was such a perfect day to go with today's sunny weather. Ray's brother that we were seeing today lives up in Scotland, which means that Ray rarely gets to see him so I think they really enjoyed each other's company.

We had a little picnic in the grounds and then eventually went for a walk through the house. Rose had on her backpack with the reins attached so I had some control over where she went and she had a great time, walking through the rooms pointing at the statues and paintings on the walls... The poor people walking through the house were trying to have a quiet and peaceful visit to the house but there was no way I could quieten down Rose's squeals of delight! Oh well, at least she was happy and not crying eh!?

I've been doing a spot of baking... only some basic fairy cakes but they were pretty yummy! I think I'm probably eating way too much at the moment but currently I have such a big appetite and I'm not hugggee yet, so I think I'll just carry on enjoying a fairy cake or two..!

So after our lovely day out, we got home about 4pm. Ray had to pop out for a couple hours at 5pm which was perfectly fine as Rose had been brilliantly behaved so far today and was looking exhausted so I thought she might even go down for an early night! Ha! I wish... 

...The next 2 hours ended up being absolutely awful. Rose usually has a beaker of warm milk before I take her upstairs and she goes to sleep by herself. I've probably been really spoilt lately with how easy she goes to bed as this evening she refused to stay in her bed.As soon I left the room, banging on the door.. crying hysterically! I'm not used to her acting that way before bed so I kept going up to bring her back downstairs when all she did was cry and whinge, she was Definitely tired but just refusing to go to sleep! A sort of vicious circle really... as the longer I kept her downstairs to try and make her happy, the more upset she was when I eventually attempted to take her up to bed again.

So anywayyy... to cut a long story short. Ray came home just before 7pm and I had only just managed to get dinner ready. I've never felt so tired and drained of energy in all my life... it was as if my lack of tiredness these past few weeks had been saved up for tonight. I ended up sobbing in the utility room with the relief of knowing he was home to help with Rose. I'm never like that! It must be the pregnancy.... must be! 

But on a positive note! I saw the baby kick as well as feeling it this evening, I've only been feeling small fluttering movements recently but over the last couple of days the little guy in there has gotten really strong! It's so exciting and every time I feel the movements, I feel so ridiculously happy. :-) Even after an evening like I had!!



  1. Oh my love, it can be sooooo hard. Bedtime is the worse time for children to misbehave as the parents are exhausted by then. And you are "with child" too. Bless you.
    Was she teething or too hot do you think?
    Those fairy cakes look lush. I could so eat them.
    Wonderful news re the baby kicking!!! Maybe you could call him Wayne (after Rooney)....
    Rose and Wayne. Ah, a lovely ring to it.
    Yes and please let's sort out a meet up. Email me.
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  2. Tiredness is a terrible thing isn't especially when you're both exhausted after such a lovely day, it's almost like they know they should be asleep but they fight it all the way, and those usually happy to go off to bed by themselves children become clingy and ratty and all you can do is ride with it until they fall asleep, I've been known to get into bed with mine as they just seem to want you close and then falling asleep myself, which in a small blue plastic car bed is not the most comfortable I can tell you!!!
    As for your feelings and the crying you're doing such a huge job at the moment mum to one energetic and fun loving toddler and growing an amazing new life inside you takes it's toll every now and then so you're entitled to a bit of a blub in the utility room, hopefully you can have an easy day today and recharge your batteries, hope you have a lovely Sunday take care of yourself xx

  3. oh yes that is pregnancy making you feel that way. You are making a new human whilst looking after another and trying to look after yourself too - you are bound to feel very shattered indeed. Re sleeping, how about giving the pom pom jar a go (on my blog) it may just work - get a little treat to pop next to the jar and show her what she gets if she stays in bed for a few nights :-) Take care of yourself and try and put your feet up when you can - even if only for 5 mins, it makes all the difference x

  4. I remember those days! I can remember crying at the top of the stairs because my eldest, who had been the model child at bedtime suddenly decided she didn't want to go anymore!
    As an early years worker I knew that the best thing to do was not to bring her downstairs and it was very hard not too! I was tired and emotional! ( not pregnant yet though!). I settled her in her room, letting her know I was there but this was bedtime, I think it took 3 nights but she got back into her routine and I haven't had any problems since. Children need good quality sleep to grow and develop, we need children to have good quality sleep for our sanity! Good luck, she's just asserting her independence, not an easy stage! Ada :)

  5. I remember when my daughter was that age! OOH what a temper! But now she is 18 and going off to college. The time goes so fast! Enjoy it :)

  6. hello! x
    My daughter sophia keeps getting into bed with me. She was always so good at bed times but lately seems scared of the dark even when i put a lamp on.
    It means i wake through the night to pop her back into her bed.
    Ive just had the girly sleepovers and oh' my days im shattered! trying to keep one bouncing off the walls girly entertained is hard going some days but more than one is tiring!. today im zonked!!.

    also my daughter wont let me brush her hair its becoming a real battle after bath times...A mother's day 'somedays' is full on!

    Lovely grounds and house ;0)xx