Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pregnancy diary - 21 weeks.

So, I'll be 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow with our little boy. (I'm not sure 'little' will be the right word to describe him when he arrives going by the size of my bump already!) 

Rose was 9lb 3oz and I've had a whole load of people telling me to expect at least 1lb heavier just because it's a second baby and then up to another lb as it's a boy this time. I know most of the time that they're just scare stories but I'd rather not be giving birth to a hugggee baby at the end of the year!

I'm starting to get the odd kick here and there now, usually when I bend over and it feels as if baby boy is getting squished so he pops into a different position. I started to get quite worried before my 20 week scan as I hadn't felt any movement that I could definitely put down to being just baby but it turns out I have an anterior placenta again, just like I did with Rose. It just means that I feel movement later on as it's like having a cushion inside the front of my belly that they baby is kicking against.

I'm getting more and more excited everyday about this baby... I can't wait for Rose to have a little brother to look after. Well, it'll probably be quite a while before she is 'looking after him', I caught her submerging her dolly right under the water in the paddling pool the other day... not worrying at all!! The fabric body of the doll was soaked right through and the baby had to me hung on the clothes-airer overnight in the garden, I dread to think what the neighbours thought when they saw this very life-like looking baby strung out to dry!

I've begun to get that really itchy feeling again all over my tummy as it stretches... for some reason I thought that wouldn't be as bad this time round as it's already been pretty stretched out with Rose! No stretch-marks yet though, keeping my fingers crossed there!! 

There are definitely some bonuses to being pregnant though... We were at the beach when we went back to Dorset last weekend and I popped up to the toilets to go to the loo, there was a huge queue but the nice friendly toilet attendant took one look at me and asked if I'd like to use the disabled toilet instead. I took him straight up on that offer! I seem to be making trips to the loo every 20 minutes at the moment, it doesn't help that I am Always thirsty! It's only going to get worse though!

I sound like I'm just moaning about being pregnant so far but if I'm completely honest I absolutely love being pregnant. Ray says I've hardly moaned about any pregnancy complaints this time round, so far anyway... I didn't realise I complained last time round! haha. I suppose I'm always occupied with Rose these day's though so I don't get a minute to think about any aches any pains. 

I've been feeling so fortunate to be pregnant at all lately, the book I'm reading at the moment has a women in it that is desperate for a child but even after 2 attempts at IVF she still can't conceive a baby. It really got me thinking how it must be so heart-breaking when you can't have a baby of you're own. I realised that I kind of just took it for granted before that I had become pregnant again and would be having another baby... so tonight I will be going to sleep feeling very thankful for everything I have in my life (even if I do have to get up multiple times in the night to go for a wee!).



  1. Aaahhh, you're looking so lovely!

    I retained a lot more water during my second pregnancy so a large bump doesn't necessarily mean a huge baby. Plus, my son was lighter than my daughter! You're so right - when you already have young children you sort of 'get on' with being pregnant a little more.

    Rose will so love being a big sister. My daughter (aged 10) has been asking me for a baby brother or sister but I've told her the factory is officially closed!!!

    Take care, Hxx

  2. Ash, remember Jasper was nearly 1.5 lbs lighter then Jose, he was my 2nd and a boy!!

    He'll be as big as he is, nothing you can do about it, just relax and enjoy..

    It was so lovely on the beach wasn't it, so sad when you think that the next day that same beach was the scene of such a tragic accident.

    Yes, you are right, we should go to bed so thankful of our lot. We are a very lucky and happy family xx

  3. You look so cute.
    Nie to get special treatment,hah.

  4. You look positively radiant! I'd take no notice of what people say, my 2nd baby was lighter than my 1st! Hope you get to take it easy :)

    Jo x

  5. I just love the photo of you carrying Rose on the beach, it's beautiful. You are looking great hun. I'm sure Rose will be fine with her little brother, just enjoy it :) x x x x

  6. I love the photo of you and Rose walking along the look stunning x

    I LOVED being pregnant too, after the morning sickness bit though, which with Sweet B (my first) lasted 5 months, that bit wasn't so good but i loved the rest....i really miss it actually so your post are wonderful to read.
    look after yourself lovely x
    love jooles x

  7. Bless you Ashley, you do look well. Hehe my first pregnancy i just looked like a beach ball with my daughter (I put on 4 stones!) was a little more compact 2nd time around with my son. Take care and enjoy the summer x Sally

  8. You are blooming and you look fabulous. That pic of you and Rose on the beach is lovely :D

    I really loved being pregnant too, so much so I had four goes at it

  9. You look gorgeous and I love the one of you carrying Rose too! Just briefly, I was one of thoes girls who was on the IVF list. Had been married for 9 years, had numerous tests and operations, then asked my gyno for the fertility pill, after arguing with him for 20 mins he finally gave in. Four months later I was pregnant with my first. I was able to give up my spot on the list for some other deserving woman to hopefully have her dream of having a baby realised. Six years after I had my first, I became pregnant again...all on my own, then when he was eight months old I became pregnant again. We stopped after the third. And I loved being pregnant too, three of the best times of my life, and all these years later I still love being a mum and adore my kids. Never give up on your dreams :)
    xox Sandi

  10. Hi Ashley - you look lovely on the beach with Rose. Glad you are feeling well. I loved the way people were so kind when I was pregnant such as dragging me up when I bent down to pick something off the bottom shelf in Morrison and got stuck!! xxx

  11. Hi, Just found your blog while blog hopping through some blogs on my reading list, great pictures of you and your little one. I to am due in December and am 21 weeks tomorrow. I've always loved being pregnant and am so thankful I am one of the lucky ones who am able to conceive and have children so easily.

  12. You look great, I enjoyed being pregnant much more 2nd time round. Even though she was a nightmare to carry. I guess it's that knowing its over so quickly makes it more fun.
    Lovely pictures and you look way more stylish than I ever did :) think PJ's and woolly jumpers hehe.

  13. Don't you look bonny! Love that white dress on you.

    There's no earthly point in fretting over his size right now. What can you do about it? As long as you're being checked and measured regularly they'll pick up on any worrying size issues. With Mini I was measuring gigantic at 25 weeks. But by the time 38 weeks came around I was normal sized. He was 8.9. Little was the same size as Rose and Big was tiny. I was utterly huge with him. Hilariously large and yet he was only 5.13. It was all water.

    Besides, they squish down and lengthen out during birth. Bigger babies are easier to push out, so I've heard and from my experience I'm inclined to agree.


  14. I love the photo of you sat reading a book, it looks such a comfortable settled image. The size you are when you are pregnant generally doesn't correlate with the size of the little one that you give birth to, just enjoy being pregnant as you look glowing. The photo of you holding Rose is so lovely.

    Lots of love Mum xxxxxxx

  15. i know you are busy.... but i really miss reading your posts!!

  16. You look lovely stood on the beach very relaxed and blooming as they say,Im sure Rose will be fine when baby is born,I remember washing all my childrens teddies and dolls and having them hung in the sunshine to dry,it brought some funny looks and comments as people passed by.Love Jill xx

  17. What a lovely post Ashley, fab to hear you are doing so well. My boy was a 1.5lb bigger than my girl and I had him after her and I too was itchy and didn't think I could stretch anymore! He came in at nearly 10lb so I know how you are feeling! You never know though and your body will do its job xx

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