Thursday, 9 August 2012

Did anyone see.....?

On Tuesday night on BBC2 at 9pm it was the second episode of 'The Midwives', the episode was called 'Make me a Midwife'. 

I was absolutely glued to the TV. It was a refreshing change to watch instead of Channel 4's 'One born every minute' which in the last series, I thought tended to show only the really dramatic births or the the strange kinds of people that make good TV. It was also nice to watch on the BBC and not have a million advert breaks that keep interrupting the programme...

I definitely recommend watching it on BBC iPlayer if you get the chance... it was Such an interesting programme and made me even more sure that I want to be a midwife eventually. Although, I plan to be a stay at home Mum for a good while yet whilst I have my babies... I have a few years until it's too late and I have to start hurrying up anyway!

I'm going to try and get a little more knitting done this evening (this is what I'm working on at the moment) before I go to bed, I planned to get a whole load more done today but it just didn't happen one way or another!)



  1. What a sweet little cardigan you're knitting there !! It's been such a long time since I knitted something that small!! Makes me wanna look around our house if there's a bear in need for some clothing (because our children are far beyond the 50 cm!!) ;o)!!!!

  2. Hope you not making the first size my love, tend to remember that you don't do little babies x

  3. I loved the midwives. Preferred it to 'one born' I think. I am rather addicted to birth programmes being pregnant. I missed last weeks so as hubbie was at the Olympics on Tues(and hates all birth programmes) I caught up on iplayer right before watching the second episode so had two hours of it! The knitting you're doing looks lovely. I'm knitting a granny square blanket for my new little one. That's about as advanced as my knitting gets. Laid it out last night and realised just how many squares more I need to do. Only 14 and a half more weeks to do it! Fiona x

  4. That is an adorable little sweater. I would love to watch the Midwives show but I don't think it's on here in America (or at least not on a channel I have). My daughter who is 15 weeks pregnant is using a midwife and she is very happy with her. I was a little bit concerned as this is her first, but confidence plays a big role in how you approach pregnancy. Abby is healthy, her blood screens are great and the baby has a very healthy heart beat. So I'm trusting her trust and asking God to just watch over her and Jellybean.

  5. My mum was a midwife. That looks a great show - I hope one of the Australian channels plays it some time. We get One Born Every Minute so maybe sometime. Good luck with your midwifery ambitions xx

  6. I have just loved this programme, although it has made me slightly nervous about giving birth! It's made my sister in law decide that she wants to be a midwife too and I think that if this is what you want to do then hooray, hooray and GO FOR IT! I don't think it's for me though...too much blood and other 'stuff' ewwww :o)