Monday, 6 August 2012

A couple of finished items to show you...

Yesterday evening I finished sewing these little booties together whilst catching up with some of the Olympic action on my laptop... it felt like I was the only one who hadn't yet seen Jessica Ennis win her Gold medal. I don't know if it's because of my pregnancy hormones or not but I got quite emotional watching it! Very exciting. :-)

They are made with a Debbie Bliss yarn called Fez, which is an Arun wool so they knitted up really quickly. The pattern was one that was given to me by my auntie, I don't even know the name of the pattern though so can't share it I'm afraid. The booties look very cute indeed and are so soft and squidgy. That's one item finished for the little boy in my belly anyway..!

I haven't been getting much crafting done recently as I have been getting on with this blanket. I said yes to a friend of a friend when she asked me to make it for her but that was before I even found out I was pregnant and began to feel totally exhausted. 

So it's been a bit of a chore to work on as the colours aren't really to my liking and everything just kind of felt like it took a huge amount of effort to do, let alone crocheting a big blanket.

But it's now finished! :-)
I can't wait to hand it over and get working on a few projects for myself that I really want to start...



  1. Such a pretty blanket. Love how Rose is sitting behind it in the picture. The second pregnancy really zaps you......but I think it's the first child that makes you so tired.

  2. I felt the same about Jessica Ennis getting her medal, and a few of the others too and I don't have pregnancy as an a good excuse! I know what you mean about making something for someone else which isn't your first choice, it does make it harder for sure. Still at least you're free to focus on lovely makes for your little one to be now :)

    Sandra x

  3. Me encánta tu blog, saludos desde España.

  4. The pattern is a free one on ravelry search for Michelle's Preemie-Newborn Booties and Hat.

    As you found out, change the weight of the wool and the needle size to get bigger booties.

  5. The baby blanket is so pretty. And I understand if you aren't loving the colors, it can be a chore to do. But it's finished now and you can move on to other things. Lovely shot of Rose behind the blanket.

  6. The booties are super cute, I love how cosy they look with their fold-over tops! x

  7. Good on you finishing the blanket, I am dragging my heels with my friends, although I have (still am) sick with flu and no energy to do anything. No work all this week :( The booties are very sweet and will be lovingly received no doubt.
    xx Sandi

  8. Yay! The blanket is finished. I had a quilt I had the same feeling about. I wasn't happy with fabric but I had to finish it and it just didn't seem to end.
    Those booties are lovely, the Fez yarn is soooo squishably soft.
    Hope you're keeping well

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