Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A cute little hat to match.

I've been enjoying my knitting over the past couple of weeks since I finished 'that blanket'. It's so lovely to have the freedom to get on with whatever I want to make now...

I used up the remaining Debbie Bliss Fez yarn from the booties I finished the other day and set to work on knitting up a little hat to match. You can find the pattern to the hat here, it's a lovely simple knit that came together really quickly because of the Aran yarn I was using.

I especially love the little tassel's at the top of the hat, I think they're going to look so so cute on a little boy.

I'm so glad this baby is due in the winter time as well, otherwise I'd be a lot more limited on the amount of knitted goodies I can put the baby in... I'm now working on a cute cable knit vest. I had to frog the little cardigan I was working on before, I went wrong on one of the increases and had gone to far with the mistake to make it worth only pulling back a few rows. Plus I hadn't paid proper attention to it being so diddy and I very much doubt it was going to be big enough for this baby... well maybe for a day or two!



  1. sooo sweet ;0) he will be nice and toasty come the winter months hehe x

  2. it looks really lovely Ash xx

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments. I to am glad my baby is due in December the scope for knitted garments is so much greater. I have this exact pattern printed out to knit as the tassels were just to cute to resist and seeing yours just makes me want to knit mine so much more lol. Hope you are keeping well and the weeks sure are moving by.

  4. These are just the cutest!
    Have a super week!

  5. These are so cute - you are going to have one snuggly little boy! xx

  6. Awww, your bubba will look so adorable in them :) Well done you!
    Sarah xx

  7. My goodness they are divine. Learning to knit is something I am desperate to do.

  8. So tiny and cute. My mum recently knit my 3 week old some debbie bliss booties.

    1. forgot to mention that the 'Works' are currently selling the Debbie Bliss knitting patten book. I think it was £2.99 , under a fiver anyway.

  9. Sweet little hat and booties, he will look very snuggly in them. By the time I had my first child (after 9 years of marriage) I had knitted lots and lots of little jumpers and socks etc. all in darker colors and loved every one of them and used to feel all squidgy inside when he finally arrived and I could put all the knitted goodies on him. I did the same for the other two, love looking back on photos at them all.
    xx Sandi

  10. The little hat and booties are just adorable! Your little boy should be nice and cosy in his little knitted outfits :)
    My little ones knitted things will have to wait awhile..it's short sleeved bodysuits and dresses at the moment..it sure has been hot the last few days.
    Magie x

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  12. The little hat and booties are just adorable.