Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lovely last few days..

We've had such a lovely last few days... After working through every day of gorgeous sunshine during the week, Ray had the day off on Saturday, so we packed ourselves up and the three of us went for a picnic in the park. It was pretty heaving there.. everyone seemed to have the same idea as us of what to do that day!

 I'm Attempting to lose the rest of my baby weight at the moment, so we were laden with healthy salads, fruit and snacks, plus the essential flask of tea. : ) We had such a lovely, lovely time.. but eventually ventured for a walk into town as it was veryyy hot and unlike me, Ray is a shade-lover not a sun-worshipper!

Both catching up on the latest news.!

We've been for a talk with the priest today as it's Rose's christening on Sunday, I'm sooo excited. Really looking forward to seeing most of my friends and family on the day and getting Rose dressed up all pretty for the occasion. Fingers crossed we don't have any messy accidents..!! My best friend Vicky is going to be her God-mother, she has her own blog.. you'll have to go and visit her here.

We spent East Sunday over at Ray's parents and had a really lovely day.. we've been so lucky with the weather! I've eaten a hugggee amount of cake and chocolate and so couldn't believe it when at slimming world tonight they said I've lost 1/2 a lb! Not much... but it's better than putting on any weight, which I was Sure I must have!!

Doesn't she look so happy..! I couldn't imagine before I had Rose how much I would truly love her.. I honestly cannot imagine not having her in our lives now..

Okay.. Off I go to try and finish off my granny bunting.. I Will get there soon!

Rose has got her 2nd lot of injections tomorrow morning and I'm dreading it..!!

Just a question... how do so many people have so many followers..? I love writing this blog now and I suppose it doesn't realllyyy matter how many people are reading it.. but does anyone have any tips for getting your name out there..? Making more people aware of it anyway...

Lots of love


  1. Such beautiful pictures! Your daughter is so cute =)

  2. Rose is adorable ! Now get off Blogland and finish your bunting so we can all see it. Where are you hanging it ? xx

  3. I cant wait to see the bunting, it looks lovely, crochet is catching, Ray will be taking it up soon. I love the picture of Ray and Rose chilling out in the shade xxxx