Sunday, 17 April 2011

Another WIP.... oops!

Oh, look! I seem to have got a little distracted from my other WIP's... such as my hexagon blanket, the baby ripple, my tea cosy and many other smaller things. What a surprise! I will finish something soon and write a Ta-dah! post at some point.. I promise!

But look how pretty..!! I hadn't planned on doing any of the Japanese flowers as so many people seem to be doing them.. but alas, I seem to have caught the bug!

I decided to try out a japanese flower to see if I liked it, how difficult they were and also whether or not I could start to make them out of this yarn.. and I have to say, I love it! I may have to turn this lonely flower into a scarf or shawl.. I'm not too sure which one yet though..!!

Right! Off out into the garden I go! ♥



  1. You are as bad as me!!!!! what was that wool like to crochet with?

    Give Bud a hug from me xx

  2. Hi just wondered what the lovely wool is you used on the japanese flower,its beautiful....julie.xx