Saturday, 16 April 2011

Green fingers

I've been a busy bee working away in the garden a lot recently...

When we first moved into here at No.3 the garden was an absolute mess. The lady that lived here before us didn't really like gardening (well, I'm assuming that as the garden really did look forgotten about). It was completely overgrown with weeds and of ivy.. masses of the stuff, it spreads like nothing I've ever seen before! And there really weren't any plants at all to be seen..

So after we had been living here for a couple of months, my Nan who is amazing at gardening came to visit us and helped me sort out the whole thing. We weeded the whole flowerbeds.. I say we, but as I was quite a few months into my pregnancy at this stage, I was told by her that I wasn't allowed to do it myself! So it was really Nan who was using the big garden fork to do all of the hard work.. I should point out she is well into her sixties by now.. There's really is no stopping her!

We planted a whole load of bulbs and also plants that she had brought up to me from Dorset and then throughout the autumn/winter months, I continued to plant more and more bulbs and new plants. I never realised how much I loved gardening until I had my own garden to work away in. I find it all so special when all of the little green leaves start to appear up out of the ground.. it's so exciting waiting to find out what they all are! (This is when I really should have marked where I had been putting things, as to be able to plan where to put the next plants! oops..! never mind...)

This is what it's looking like at the moment..! A lot of the flowers will be appearing in the summertime and some won't actually flower until next year but at the moment, I'm pretty chuffed with the results..! : )

The only problem is, now that I have little Rose it's a Lot lot harder to actually get anything done out there..! But mainly I manage just fine and when she's awake, I just have to prop her up on the table out there.. I'm not so sure it will be quite as simple when she starts toddling around and I have to constantly keep my eye on her!

(Sorry for the bad quality of this photo as it was taken on my phone.. but you get the idea..!)



  1. I gather I will be taking to compute up to Nan's so she can see the WIP beng your garden xx

  2. Yes please, it would be lovely if you would show her..! xxx