Saturday, 2 April 2011

I love having visitors..

Sometimes I find it hard being so far away from my family.. We're in Chichester for the next two years and then Hopefully we'll be going back to, or at least nearer to Dorset which is where I'm from.

I didn't get very homesick before I had Rose as I really love it here, but now that I have Rose it's hard when I can't take her to see my side of the family very much..

So it's really really lovely when I get my family visiting me here..!

This is my Nan and Grandad... I'm not quite sure why they felt the need to half tip up Rose in the buggy for the photo!?!

We had just had a look around a lovely church in Bosham, to be honest more for their enjoyment than mine..! Although it was very pretty inside..

And this is me..! We were so lucky with the weather.. it was lovely and sunny, yesterday the weather had been so miserable and dull..

It really was very lovely around there.. so pretty and suchhh nice houses..! Well, a girl can dream!

Right, off I go to carry on with the hexagons.. I will get there soon!!


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