Friday, 1 April 2011

A day of sorting and bright colours.

Yesterday I sorted through my craft area in the front room.. I tend to just put everything I use away anywhere and everywhere and so it gets so messy and un-organised. But I spent a bit of time trying to organise things. I actually found it really satisfying sorting these buttons into their separate colours, I just need to use them for something now..!

I had a package in the post..! Lots of scrummy bright coloured Stylecraft Special DK from Masons ready to turn into a blanket. I'm really trying to keep on going with my hexagon blanket and finish that before I begin another, but I very much doubt I'll be able to keep to that!

But for the moment it's all packed away neatly in my craft area in the front room.. all the colours look so pretty every time I walk past and see them all on the shelf, ready to get made into something lovely.

My next task is to sort out all of my embroidery threads... I do have rather a Lot of them, so it may take me a while..! I bought myself one of those boxes that looks like a tackle box, it's got loads of different compartments with little cards to wrap the threads around. It's be so lovely and organised when I've done it all, but it is rather a time-consuming job.. I'd better get going now!


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