Friday, 25 March 2011

Ta-dahh post for my wrist warmers..!

Ta-dahhh!! : ) All finished..! I'm soooo happy with my wrist warmers. They're so much more pretty to look at than my boring blue ones I have been wearing up until now. Although I don't know exactly how much I will get to wear them as the weather seems to be a lot sunnier and warmer at the moment..! I got the idea to do them from Lucy's blog at Attic24. I'm so tempted to try pretty much everything that she has on her blog..!

Whilst we've been on our little holiday on The Isle of Wight I've been able to have a Lot of hooky time. It's been sooo lovely..!! Having someone else to help look after Rose really does have it's benifits!

I bought myself some Debbie Bliss Andes yarn and was planning to crochet myself a scarf/shawl type thing.. first of all I planned to make it out of the Japanese flowers that everyone seems to be making at the moment in blog-land, but then I thought, maybe I would try and do something a bit different instead. I began to make the shawl from a star/flower motif that I made up myself, I got quite far... but then I realised that I Probably wouldn't wear it as a shawl as it is a little Too 'multi-coloured' for my liking. Well, for something that I would be wearing around my neck anyway..! So I've decided that I won't carry on much further with it and I will turn it into a cushion cover instead..! I don't mind a lot of colours in the house! : ) When I can, I will take a photo to show you it's progress...

But, anywayyy... getting back to my point. I've got quite a bit of left over yarn that I won't be using, as the cushion cover will take up a lot less yarn than what a shawl would do.. so I wanted to do something else with some of the yarn.. something that wouldn't take too long to complete as I quite fancied the satisfaction of actually getting something finished..! Haven't done that in a little while..!

They really are so lovely and snuggly.. the softest yarn I've ever felt anyway..! And such scrummy colours..

And here you go, another photo to show them off..! I really do love them a Lot.. which is probably quite obvious already..! hehe


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  1. Don't ask me why I'm looking at wrist warmers in the middle of July, but I thought they looked so cute! Actually I'm in the middle of crocheting a cowl, which is also mental, given the balmy temperature outside.
    Anyhoo, so glad to have found your cute blog - love baby Rose- so sweet, and I live in W Sussex too, so feel kindred spirit- thing too!
    Am latest follower so I can keep in touch. If you get a mo, do pop over and say hello. I love a bit of crochet, craftiness and thrifty finds too.