Thursday, 17 March 2011

The mini 'hug' blanket.

I just thought i would show you a picture of Rose on her mini 'hug' blanket..!

I have a larger slightly different version that my auntie Lettie crocheted for my birthday last year.. and so it was so lovely to recieve this yummy version for Rose herself. It looks very nice indeed next to my one and I can now wrap her up all cosy in her own blanket.



  1. SO so so so lovely!!! Rose is pretty damn cute too!! Welcome back to blogland Ash xx

  2. Just love that blanket- Rose is doing a beautiful job modeling it !

  3. Great to have you back - you were MIA too long! xxxxx

  4. I know... has been a while! Glad to be back though! :) Not sure if I'll actually have anyone read it though..!

    It really is a lovely blanket.. I'm so lucky to have an auntie that makes such wonderful gifts. xxxx