Friday, 18 March 2011

Hearts and smiles.

I've had a lovely day today, even though the weather has been rubbish. I ventured out with Rose in the Wilkinet sling to go and get her weighed and it promptly started pouring it down as soon as the front door clicked shut behind me. But when we got there, I found out that she is now 12lb1oz.. so I'm relieved to know that I am feeding her enough..!

In a rare moment of sunshine today I took this picture of my hyacynth bulbs in the kitchen, they're just starting to flower properly and it's so lovely to come down every morning and see how much more they have grown in just a day.

I finished the hat that I have been making for Rose, I got the pattern from here:

This one was made using Debbie Bliss ecobaby, colour 14011. I've also done another version that's slightly bigger in Stylecraft Life dk, but it's a bit big for her head at the moment.. so I will take a photo and show you that one sometime soon. They've been the perfect little projects to have on the go whilst I'm up in the middle of the night feeding Rose. : )

Almost but not quitee catching a proper smile.. she surprises me with these really scrummy smiles but then they're gone again just as quickly as they appear and so it's really hard to catch them in a photo!

I finished my tiny heart bunting today! :) I think it looks so so lovely in her nursery.. We didn't know if Rose was going to be a boy or a girl, so her room has been very neutral up until now. It's lovely to now have something up in there to make it a bit more girly and pretty.

Right, I'm going to go now as I need to get some sleep before a day of packing tomorrow.. We're off on our first mini family holiday to the Isle of Wight on Monday..! Yay! Hopefully we have some sunshine... xxxx


  1. So much to love here! Cute hat, pretty hyacinths and gorgeous bunting! Thanks for visiting us. Laura x

  2. This is sooo cute! Love your crochetwork. And enjoy the island!
    Love, Maaike

  3. Yes, yes, a very late comment ... but I was just browsing (when I am WAY overdue for my own posting!!) and came across your bunting - I used the same pattern to make some for my big girl's room too. Probably even finished it at around the same time! They're sweet, aren't they? I love your colours ... very 'Rose' ...