Wednesday, 23 March 2011

1st couple of day's in the Isle of Wight..

We've been having suchhh a lovely time so far.. The ferry trip over went smoothly and whilst we were making our way to the self catering cottage, we had a nice drive around half the Island on our first afternoon here. So many pretty hills and we were never very far away from the sea. : )

And... because I have Ray here to help with the looking after of Rose, I've been able to have a Lot of hooky time. I'm nearly finished on one WIP which is going to be a Mother's day gift for my Mum, I'll have to pop in the post pretty much as soon as we're back from here..! I'll show you a photo of it finished when Mother's day has come and gone..!

So nice to have the time to just sit down, relax and work away on a little project..

 The weather is absolutely divineee! So yesterday, we went for a walk around the coastal path around the South coast of the IoW.. Just around the corner from our holiday cottage was this gorgeous stream. I was so tempted to take my shoes off and go for a little paddle..!

..and a field FULL of daisies..! There were hundreds of them. So of course I couldn't resist taking some photo's of course... : )

As we carried along around the coast path we came across the Botanical Gardens, so there were many
 more opportunities to take some pretty photo's. We have been just so lucky with the amazing sunshine!

I think the above flowers are called Chionodoxa forbesii (Glory of the Snow)..?! Well I found a picture online that looks very similar indeed.. so I think I must be right..! I'm really awful at remembering the names of different flowers.. Most of the women in my family have a talent for this.. but not me I'm afraid..! Does anyone know if that's the right name for those flowers..?

Isn't the colour of these Hyacynth flowers just incredible, so bright and eye-catching. A treat for the eyes indeed..!

One of the lovely views along the way..!

And last but not least, a little piccy of Rose's tootsie's..! With little booties on that I knitted for her..2 day's before she was born I might add, luckily had enough time to get them finished..!

Right, I'll be going now.. today we're off to the beach..! Plenty more hooky time for me! Yay..!



  1. Hello my love.

    Yep, think the mane is the right one for that plant. Mike had LOADS at his house.

    Now what are you making Mum???????????

  2. Oh my goodness, those photos are stunning! Enjoy your lovely holiday! :)

  3. Thanks Lettie.. I can't tell you, obviously..! :) It would ruin the surprise for Mum. You'll see soon..!

    And thank you Kristen.. returning home tomorrow though.. although, like at the end of any holiday.. I'm quite looking forward to being back home in my own home..!


  4. Your photos are so beautiful! What a lovely place to be. And I spied your Cath Kidston bag. Super cute! I was too late in placing my order, when they were in stock. I will admire those of you who have them. :o)