Sunday, 20 March 2011

So exciteeddd..!

We're off to The Isle of Wight tomorrow. : )

I know it's not anywhere exotic or anything, but it is our first 'family holiday' all together and I'm reallyyy looking forward to getting away. I went back home to Dorset with Rose to stay with my grandparents a little while ago (just me and Rose as Ray was working a long weekend) and it went very well, being away from the house with a newborn baby for the first time I mean..! It was kind of like a practise holiday for us..! Before that, I was a bit panicky that I wouldn't cope with her outside of the 'home' enviroment..

So yes.. we're all packed up and ready to go and get the ferry over tomorrow morning! Staying in a lovely self-catering cottage near the beach, so I'll have to take some photo's and put them on here when we're back to show you. Finger's crossed for some sunny weather! It will be suchhh a shame if it rains an awful lot..

Has anyone been to the Isle of Wight before? Was it nice? Any nice places to visit..?

Here are a few photo's of my little garden.. it's all coming to life..! All of the bulbs that my Nan helped me to plant when we first moved here (plus quite a few extra that I popped in!) are all coming up out of the ground and now they are all beginning to flower. I find it all rather exciting seeing as I've never had a garden of my own before that I can do whatever I wish to.

Yummy purple/lilac crocuses just outside my french windows. Sooo pretty to look at..! The seemed to just pop up almost overnight!

These crocuses are just so bright and eye-catching, I'm so chuffed at how pretty the garden looks now compared to what it was like before..!

This is my New project... I'm making a shawl out of these star shapes. I'm using Debbie Bliss' Andes yarn and it soooo lovely and soft...

I have far too many WIP's on the go at the moment (hexagon blanket... baby cardigan for Rose... crochet cushion cover... teas cosy!) but I just couldnt resist beginning a new project. It's so easy to get inspired by something new that catches your eye and then off I go again... starting something else! oops! I'm guessing other people must have this same problem too...!?


  1. Hi Ashley,

    Just dropping by to say 'hello!' Your baby is adorable! And I love her room. So pretty and peaceful.

    Have a nice holiday!


  2. Have a lovely time guys!
    Looking forward to seeing the photos.
    Lots and lots and lots of love!

  3. Hi thanks for popping by my blog, we went to the Isle of wight last year, we stayed at shanklin, it was lovely. W e found a great place called Chessell Pottery, they do the most amazing homemade scones, all the pots used are made there, you can also paint your own pots and there is a little garden and play area outside. have a great time. xxx

  4. Hi Jacey,
    Thanks for you comment. I just went on the website for Chessel Pottery and it looks sooo lovely, but unfortunately it's not open until the 2nd of April.. how annoying! :( Thanks for telling me about the place though..! xxx