Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ta-dahh post for my Granny Stripe blanket (even though a little late...)

Hello again..!

I thought I would share my Granny stripe with you today..

I started this blanket around August last year but that was before I was writing this blog.. so I thought that I would show it to you now. The yarn that I used to make the blanket was Stylecraft Life, it's a great yarn to use to crochet a blanket because it pretty low in price and it's very soft and snuggly.

My Granny stripe can now generally be seen on the sofa where I can snuggle up underneath it. I think it's so much more satisfying getting all cosy underneath a blanket when you've made it yourself.. you can really appreciate the many hours that it takes to make it.

I went for quite a calm colour palette.. some bright colours, but then also some light creamy colours to balance it out. I love the brighter pink and purples on it but not so sure about the paler shades, so I think my next blanket that I start will have to be made from brighter more vibrant colours..! Well.. the next one after I eventually finish my hexagon blanket... I've just gone back to it after a break for a little while, it does take me longer to do as it takes a lot more concentration from me than normal granny squares..

I realised it really is very hard to photograph a blanket and try to get it all in..!!

Rose had her first vaccination jabs yesterday, I've never heard suchhh a Loud ear-piercing scream before..! Ouchy! Then we had the 6-8 week postnatal check today, thankfully everything was all okay. : ) The doctor said she usually gets babies screaming through the whole check, where as Rose just gurgled and smiled at her for most of it..!

Right..! Now off to get some housework done.. exciting stuff!



  1. That is a pretty special smile from Rose!!

    Glad to see the blanket all finished. Had a lovely few days with Mum, actually managed to get a few bits finished!!!!!

    Lots of love

    Lettie xx

  2. I'm glad you had a really lovely time xxx

  3. So glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours--you do such beautiful crochet work! You have a great sense of color . . . I feel like I can never tell what colors will look good together when I'm picking out yarns, but you pair them together so well! Absolutely eautiful blanket :-)