Sunday, 8 July 2012

Best £2.50 ever spent.

A few weeks ago I was helping out at our local NCT nearly new sale and I bought a few things for Rose, mainly things for future Christmas/Birthday gifts which included a bargain priced doll that came with a baby bath and a bottle. She spotted the doll as soon as she came through the door with Ray later on that afternoon and even though I had originally planned to put it away until December for Rose, she was so happy sat playing with her new baby doll that in the end I just let her have it that day.

I then realised it's probably a good idea to get her used to playing nice and gently with the baby doll in preparation for our new arrival in December, although it has got me a little worried when I see her doing things like this... apparently the baby wanted to bounce on the trampoline as well!!

There are plenty of lovely moments to watch as well though when she shows the baby some affection...

This baby has a serious thunder thighs problem, check out those hips!


Generally the baby is being smothered in slobbery kisses though, the baby on it's way doesn't know what's going to hit him/her! I actually caught Rose straddling the doll the other morning trying to shove a toothbrush in it's mouth... apparently it needed to have it's teeth brushed too! Somehow I think the new baby will have to be carried around with me wherever I go, otherwise goodness knows what Rose will be getting up to when she's out of my sight!

We're having a very lazy afternoon here watching the tennis (it's more background tv for me!) and I've been spoilt with a roast beef Sunday roast from Ray and he's just brought me in strawberries and cream... yum!


Oh! Almost forgot to say, one of my favourite bloggers Nelly has just restarted blogging again and has begun a lovely new blog... please go and have a look here:


  1. Such lovely pictures of Rose. Do you remember the Sammy doll?


  2. Rose looks so cute with the doll - I just love seeing them bending over so intently 'mothering'.

  3. I know, I am so thrilled her blog is back!

  4. Ahh you've just made me smile, I'm to pregnant with my second child Lennon is nearly three and a) you have inspired me to do the same with a dolly (even thou Lens a boy) a dolly never did my brother any harm & b) I've been putting away fab second hand toys for christmas too, my baby is due on the 24th Dec so I'm trying to be so organised and I love boot fairs and recently went to my first NCT sale. I don't think I can buy full price kiddie bits again!
    Rose will be a fab big sister I'm sure and we are just so lucky being mummies again. Your blog is lovely and thanks for sharing your happy family bargain times with us XXXX

  5. I love watching little girls play with dolls. So sweet.
    When I was just about 3 weeks old my mother walked by my bassinet and found a claw hammer by my head. It was placed there by my 3 year old big brother. Wher was my mom when that happened. You have to be on your toes for sure. Good luck.

  6. Rose is so adorable, probably a good idea to let her get used to a 'baby'!! xx

  7. This is the sweetest most cutest thing ever. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. It is so lovely seeing her playing, so cute :) I'm sure as soon as the baby arrives Rose will be fine, she will make a great big sister.

    I love your new header as well, lovely.

    x x x x

  8. Love the pictures of her with the doll, Ashley. That photo of Rose peeping out from behind the tree at the top is gorgeous! X

  9. I have enjoyed this post so much. What a happy "little mother" she is. It just makes me smile!

  10. These pictures are so lovely, I remember a little girl and her Sammy doll! Now that little girl is a mummy herself. Rose will make a lovely big sister.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hello dear,
    Thanks so much for that last bit, made my day!

    Rose is too gorgeous, aren't they fab at this age. Though do you wonder why you thought it was hard when they didn't move?
    I have complete shoe envy, I wanted those little beauties for Mabel but they didn't have in her size. It crossed my mind, o.k a bit more than crossed, to teach her the lesson of beauty is pain right from an early age. Then I righted myself and went for the less pretty option.

    Nelly xxx

  12. Cherish every moment, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since my girls were carrying their baby annabel around (actually they are very heavy! Your daughter must have eaten all her weetabix) have a lovely weekend, Ada :)

  13. Hi there, I don't tune in as often as I'd like but just found this post soooo sweet - it really touched my heart!! I'm thrilled to see you're having another baby too - well done you! - also I adore Rose's shoes - do you think they do them in my size? lol

    Kathy, FRANCE

  14. Oh my, can Rose get any cuter?

    Must catch up soon....


    S x

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