Saturday, 14 July 2012

A very soggy Saturday.

I have to say, the weather is starting to really get me down. It pretty much hasn't stopped pouring today and when Rose was awake from her nap and we could have gone to the park, it was raining so heavily that it would have been ridiculous to even attempt to get out the door.

We ended up staying indoors allll day, I can't stand those day's when we don't even get outside once. Keeping Rose entertained indoors all day was interesting to say the least! We had great fun making dens though with chairs and tablecloths which kept her happy for a nice amount of time.. the majority of the morning was spent with me doing housework and Rose having much fun wandering around with her toothbrush cleaning her teeth... she has a strange obsession with her toothbrush and if I even attempt to take it off her, she has a huge meltdown! 

These photo's were taken last week during a rare sunny (shock horror!) day... Rose has only just about gained enough confidence to go down the big slide all by herself, before now we've always had to give her legs a tug and hold her hand going down. She's usually always so excited making her way up there but as soon as she sits down she gets scared and changes her mind! So it was a real achievement to see her shooting down the slide all by herself. :-)

We cycled to the park the other day instead of walking and it was really overcast and chill so we were dressed in a few layers... next thing I know, within the space of 30 minutes it was brilliant blue sunshine and was boiling hot! Rose was sweltering so I stripped her down to have a run around... not the helmet though, she loved wearing it Far too much! haha What a funny combination... she's got style I tell you..!

I hope you're all having a wonderful, slightly drier weekend than what we're experiencing here anyway!


  1. This weather is a pain. My Thomas is the same with the teeth cleaning he loves his tooth brush! Rose looks like she is having lots of fun on the slide.

  2. Oh lovely, the weather is really getting me down too. I hate it. Really want to arrange to meet you at west has to brighten up soon. Hope you and bump are ok! Rose looks gorgeous as always. X x x

  3. I read that smiling as my twinnys little rosie has her toothbrush in her hands all the time when i see her at my twinnys house...the weather is crazy, really and sophia popped to the park as she loves her scooter and being able to whizz about in a large space unlikemy tiny teeny weeny court yard and it was overcast and miserable looking we were wearing coats in July!! lol!!!! but then the sun showed her very hot face and we were boiling! it was like carrying the laundry home as we both stripped down! hehe xx

  4. I totally agree with you about the weather. It is making me so fed up and Hubbie is in a foul mood as he's someone who really really needs the sunshine! Looked like it was going to be nice today so we set about emptying the garage so we could give it a sort out. Before we knew it there were horrid black clouds overhead! It hasn't actually rained but it hasn't been the nice day we were hoping for and we've had got anything done that we planned. My little Frederick also loves to hang on to his toothbrush. It's funny though because morning and evening he tends to have a melt down at the mention of brushing teeth but once we get going and I do the initial brush he then won't let it go! F x

  5. I know what you mean about the weather, it is July and i am sat here with a fluffy socks on! We get one good day and then back to wet and miserable. I love the photo of Rose in the park in her vest and cycle helmet, definitely a trend setter (and totally adorable).
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. The weather has been rather strange hasn't it. Very wet mostly but the odd hot and sunny spell, it's crazy and a nightmare getting ready of a morning. I still have my fingers crossed for a hot and sunny August, although not too hot, it may get a bit uncomfertable for your baby bumnp :)x x x x

  7. Gorgeous photos as usual Ashley, Rose looks very grown up in her helmet. I'm fed up of the weather too, but I have to say, I have never seen my garden look so good ;0) xx

  8. I love Rose's helmet - I would like one myself to go with my new trike! The weather is awful here too. I have given up on the garden and am now just keeping it trimmed and tidy. The flowers haven't grown, the seeds haven't germinated and three of my trees have literally rotted away. The up side for me is that I may as well crack on and do the decorating and sorting out so we can sell our house - no distractions this year are there! xxx

  9. Beautiful photos, Rose seems like a real little character! It is so hard to keep them amused in all this bad weather, hopefully we will see a change soon.

  10. Oh my the rain was driving me crazy at home, don't think it will ever stop and you do go stir crazy inside all day.
    Think i might need a bike seat, though I guess might be trickier with a second one tagging along!
    Gorgeous pictures,
    Nelly x

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