Sunday, 15 April 2012

Our first trip to Wales with Rose.

Well it's me again! What do you know... nearly 2 weeks without a post and then 2 in one day! I seem to have had a blogging turn-around.

This post is wayyyy over-due. 
We went to visit my best friend Vicky and her boyfriend James at their new home in Wales last month and soon after we got back, I put all of the photo's together in this post but it's taken me until now to actually add some writing to it!

This was where I finished knitting Rose's 'Ring around the Rosie' dress... I'd had it nearly finished for ages but just lost the motivation to knit the edging, but with an almost 6 hour car journey there and quiet time in the evenings, I finally got around to finishing it off. It's Such a good feeling when you eventually finish off a project that should have been over and done with a good while ago..!

We went on a lovely walk while there... the views around Vicky's place are amazing!! Incredible! Very lucky. :-)

I'll admit that Vicky took a whole load of these photo's. I think she was enjoying having a play with my camera (she's a Photography graduate!) and I was enjoying having the lovely photo's to look over afterwards!

I think Rose fell in love with Myrtle the cat, she's not really had any contact with cats before and couldn't believe her luck when she spotted her. Poor Myrtle was probably very relieved when we left for Sussex and she didn't have Rose following her around Allll of the time!

Vicky and James live in the most lovely little cottage in mid-wales, it's been really well renovated and now they have the option of underfloor heating and solar panels. They even had an Aga! One dayyyy I might get one of those beauties! ;-)

See what I mean about the views!? Imagine having this right outside your front door!

Rose enjoyed being up in the rucksack carrier where she could see everything that was going on...

Ray Did carry Rose for the first half of the journey but she is a Very heavy lump and it was all up-hill so I offered to take her for the return journey where it is was mostly down-hill! ;-)

Rose loved spending time with her God-mother and I enjoyed seeing my best friend again. It had been quite a while...!! xXx Thank you for having us to stay my lovely xXx


  1. This post has made me homesick. I love Wales, it's a truly beautiful country to live in and such gorgeous country side to grow up in. Thanks for posting these pictures and taking me home for a few minutes :)..


  2. Ah Wales....can't be beaten (although I could be accused of being a little biased!) your photos look like you have a brilliant catchup, the first pic of you and Rose is so peaceful, bless her sitting with you while you stitch.

  3. These are beautiful photos, I love the one of Rose trying to get to the cat! hehe

  4. What gorgeous scenery you are so right! Absolutely breathtaking! Your break away sounds lovely, how nice to be able to spend some time with your best friend. Glad your blogging mojo has returned, have missed reading your posts! Have a lovely evening, Jenny xxx

  5. Amaaaaaaaaazing views! stunning photography! really enjoyed the inside of the cottage- how lovely and rustic! so my cup of tea! love it!!!!!...little rose is just adorable- lovely time must have been had. I loved seeing my old friends on the East coast last week- they are keepers for life- just wish i could pack them all up in my suitcase and have them living near ive never made friends quite like them...happy times. thanks for sharing xx

    1. hellooo again lovely! guess what i have size 7 feeties too!!!! my twin is a size 5!!!!! hehe...And yessy its that same ferry boat in the piccy that dropped us off on the beach- they have a trailer metal stepping thingy (very techno!haha!) that they attached to the boat to let people off and actually gets closer to the shore than in the pic as it was just leaving...It used to have a dodgy plank before that! and it scared me walking the plank...again i must say i love your pics from your hols ;0)xx

  6. How adorable are you and your family?! I just wanted to respond real quick about your question about the Hopscotch quilt.

    When I first saw the pattern, I expected it to be tricky... The pattern cover boasts that you don't have to do any y-seams, and I was thinking, "Y-seams? What the heck are those?" (and doubly relieved that there wouldn't be any of them.)
    Once I looked through the pattern, I was delighted to see that it was very simple, much simpler than I ever would have guessed. I would highly recommend it!

  7. Now I'm homesick too. You've got my hiraeth going again! Its the pictures of the rolling hills that just keep on going getting bluer and softer as they get further away; and of course all the sheep! Lily. xxx

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!


    S x

  9. These pictures are lovely! Where abouts in Wales was it?

  10. Great photos and what a lovely place to stay. Our girls used to love being in the backpack when we went for walks - so much better than a buggy! Glad you had fun!

  11. hooray - you're mojo is well and truely back! Great photos - we are fans of Wales too.
    Love that last picture
    fee x

  12. Ashley your pics are so beautiful, so like the Irish countryside.
    Looks like a great weekend :)
    Lol Karen x

  13. Wow, what a lovely way to have a break. Those views are stunning, and I thought I was lucky with mine. Hers just seem to have hills and trees for all eternity. GOrgeous.
    Lovely pictures of Rose too. She is so adorable.

  14. What lovely photos, I am so glad you are back to blogging! We also love using the back carrier, so much easier than a pushchair sometimes.

  15. Beautiful photo's... such gorgeous views, and your little Rose is just so darn cute, bless her. Glad to hear you had a lovely break.

    Louise xx

    PS- I'm loving the stripey baby jumper you are knitting, great colours!!

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