Sunday, 15 April 2012

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo!

It's been 12 day's since my last blog entry which doesn't sound very long but in blogging terms that feels like forever! I seem to have temporarily lost my blogging mojo!...

Rose and I made a last-minute trip back to Dorset for Easter as Ray was working for the whole of it. So I was away for a few day's and then just busy for a while, the trouble is that the longer you go without blogging... the harder it is to find the motivation to then sit at the laptop and put a post together!

Sooo... Rose is upstairs having her afternoon nap and Ray is being a brilliant husband and is busy cooking a roast dinner in the kitchen (they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach but this is also very true in my case as well!) So I'm taking the opportunity to sit down and get typing! :-) I always feel so good when I've clicked the 'Publish' button so I just need to get on with it... I'm sure blogging is better than some types of therapy!

We had lots of lovely little trips out while I was back in Dorset, on Easter Sunday afternoon my cousin Josie and I took Rose to Abbotsbury farm park. Both of us used to get taken there when we were little and it is Such a lovely place to take young children. 

There are all sorts of animals for the kids to see and feel. Rose even got a chance to feed a baby goat! (Admittedly, it did end up being me that was holding the bottle... not that I minded!) My auntie Lettie used to  live on a Small-holding and it brought back lovely memories of  my cousins and I going down to feed the baby goats/ lambs before going to school! :-)

On another day we went with Nan and Grandad to the Subtropical gardens. We spent a lot of time in Abbotsbury over the weekend! There were some beautiful plants there and I couldn't resist taking some photo's.... so prepare yourself for a lot of flower photo's! 

I've been trying to catch up with my time on the laptop and have been going through my emails. I had a shocking amount of old emails that needed going through... I went from 2651 down to 19 and that was just in one inbox! I'm now working my way through my replies to comments. I'm sorry I haven't been very good at getting back to people's emails lately... life kind of just got in the way!

I've been using Instagram a lot lately... if your on there I'm countryrosecrafts. I only have the iphone 3GS at the moment so am extremely excited about getting my upgrade in August sometime! :-)

It's good to be back!



  1. I've been feeling exactly the same as you lately - but we get so much out of blogging we mustn't let the grass grow under our feet - I have been trying to do a post weekly at least even if it is about something mundane.

    Gorgeous photo's - rose is such a pretty little thing and the flower shots are fab (don't you just love our cameras?)

    I'm totally hooked on Instagram, though I'm not sure it's helped much with the bloggers block as it is making interact that way instead!!

    We much catch up soon - when're you free to do something?


    S x

  2. I lose my blogging mojo sometimes and I just have to power through, it comes back eventually!

  3. It's good to have you back Ashley, I've missed you! Rose is gorgeous as ever and your pics are fab xx

  4. Sounds like you've been having a fine time! We often go to a big national trust garden nearby and it's such a treat to see all the wonderful trees and flowers, I especially lov going to see formal gardens with the big topiary trees and bushes and pretty borders, although we don't really have any around here.

    Glad you're getting your mojo back, and hope your roast was nice!

  5. it looks to me that you've been too busy having fun which is the way it should be! ;0)
    Rose's dear face- she's such a happy soul- and your such a lovely mother! x
    thanks for sharing your trip- looks beautiful in the gardens ;0)x

  6. As I am new to blogging I find I haven't quite got into the rythmn of it yet and as a week starts to pass between blogs I start to panic as there seems nothing interesting I have to say! Also I find I have no images to go with my words and so it puts me off publishing. Hope I get the hang of it soon. Glad you had a lovely Easter. Rosie looks so grown up on the tractor. Lily. xxx

  7. nice to have you back Ashley - I lose my blogging mojo on a regular basis! Then I start a post and think I've got nothing to say...before I know it it's taken me hours and is way too long!
    the beauty of it all is you can just slot back in when you're ready - and all your pals are still there!
    happy new week.
    (I have MAJOR envy for Rose's shoes. Not for the girls I don't have...FOR ME!)

  8. Yay! Glad you're back! I really enjoy catching up with your adventures. I have also been feeling a lot like you recently, my blog 'sparkle' seems to have fizzled out, finding it hard to get back into the swing of things, i'm sure I will! Thank you for sharing with us Ashley, I thought it was just me.

    Look forward to hearing about your next adventures! x