Monday, 18 July 2011

Squeezing in some crochet time!

Well, isn't the weather just lovely..!?! As I type this, the rain is pelting against the french doors beside me and making a complete racket... even though I would LOVE some sunshine, there is something quite calm and peaceful about feeling all cosy inside in the warm of my house. I can't help but find myself thinking of all the people out there that the don't have somewhere to go though, it does make you feel very lucky to have a home on day's like this.

Yesterday Rose and I had a very lazzzyyy day... Well, I did get quite a bit done around the house and got a batch of baby food made for her amongst other things. But then somehow found myself watching not one, but Two of the Harry Potter films..! I felt guilty about spending so much time sitting on my bum, but then again I did manage to finish Rose's cardigan! I'm beyond chuffed with it, I didn't realise how much I  loved it until I sewed all the seams together and added a crochet corsage to the front. I want to put her in it now! But this time I've gone and done the opposite thing and I've made the 12-18 months size (just in case) and now she won't be able to wear it for quite a few months. At least I've got it to look forward to putting her in it though. :-)

I think we deserved a lazy day not doing much really, plus the weather was of course awful, so there really wasn't much making me want to leave the house.. Rose and I did have a very busy Saturday though..I was helping out at our local NCT nearly new sale. If you help out it means that you get first pick of all the things on sale before the public come in, so I've managed to bag myself quite a few bargains! Well.. the clothes were for Rose really! I managed to get a brand new stair gate for a fiver! But it is a very long day when you've got a baby with you (Ray was working, so I had to take her with me) but she was very well behaved and had two quite long naps whilst we were there.

On Friday I made the most of the sunshine though and spent pretty much the Whole day in the garden! I got quite a bit of gardening done, but of course.. I had to make some time for sitting down, soaking up the ray's and doing a spot of crochet!

The flowers are from the most recent issue of Mollie Makes, they really were very simple to make and look so so pretty. I've used one of the flowers for the corsage on the cardigan I've knitted for Rose.

And here's her enjoying the sunshine beside me..! She does look slightly ridiculous in the huggggee hat! haha



  1. Baby Rose is seriously cute!
    Am verrrrry envious- I cannot get me mitts on a Mollie Makes (will have to secretly subscribe but not tell the Mister, methinks).
    Love those flowers.

  2. Love your blog Ashley! Love your name too as I named my oldest daughter this! Blessings!

  3. Gosh Rose is very cute!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine, am going to become a follower as your blog looks just my cup of tea!!

    S x

  4. oh Rose you are such a cutie pie xox Love your flowers too x

  5. I am beyond jealous that you managed to get some time in the garden and timed it well with the sunshine. I would LOVE day with the crochet in the garden but it's just not happening at the moment - by the time I get a chance to stop and crochet it's chucking it down outdoors!

    Rose looks so cute in that pic, her hat is adorable. Just what a stylish girl about town needs to keep the sun off!

    Have you seen the Wild Acre blog on my sidebar now (I think it shows the latest ten) but Belinda put a response on my smoothie blog the other day so you can follow it to there. I really think you'll enjoy reading it - she's a florist growing her own flowers for cutting. Her garden is gorgeous.

    So are you going to show us a pic of the finished cardie for Rose?

    Nicki xx

  6. Hi lovely
    Just replying to your coment on my post. Re Google Reader followers.....I think they are different to Blogger followers. According to Sarah B anyway (am I right oh Shabby Chic one?!)
    I didn't even know about those G. R. followers til Sarah told me.
    I LOVE your little Rose, what an utter darling. She is so cute in that pale pink Bumbo.
    Gorgeous!!! And I've just been told the weather is to be stormy for a month. GUTTED. Like you I love to get out in the sun.
    Take care, lovely blog post.

  7. Don't ever feel guilty for having some 'chill out' time, being a mum is tiring work, you deserve it.

    I absolutely love your crochet flowers, how do I go about getting the magazine Mollie Makes, do you have to subscribe to it??

    Being out in the sunshine just puts the biggest smile on your faces doesn't it, just think of that vitamin D (remember to slap on the sun block though...hark at me!!)

    Rose looks so sweet in her pink bumbo, my little lady absolutely loved hers, felt quite sad when she didn't want to be in it anymore.

    Love your post, take it easy lovely
    Bee x x x x

  8. Ahhh what a cutie pie your little Rose is x
    pretty flowers, i think i may have a go at those too.
    I too love the rain but feel we have had our share... Come on sunshine!!
    j x

  9. Bumbo's...we don't have them here in Australia, Rose looks so cute sitting in it with her hat on and a smile to melt your heart. Photo of finished jacket please!!!
    x Sandi

  10. What brilliant pictures and aawwwwww - little one - how cute.

    Nina x

  11. Just catching up with your posts!
    Rose looks adorable!
    Beautiful crochet flowers!
    Gill xx