Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nearly there...

I've been busy getting thing's together for my give-away and I'm almost finished..
I'm making something to go along with the other give-away goodies and I'm almost finished with it, just some blocking to do tonight and then I'll finish it off tomorrow and then hopefully I'll get my give-away post written and then you can all decide if you want to enter..!

I've been given a Gorgeous book by my auntie called 'Cute knits for baby feet'.

It's an amazing book and is completely chocca-block with gorgeous patterns for baby-to-toddler sized socks and bootee's. The only problem is I've never knitted with DPN's before and so I'm struggling to really get anywhere! I've only knitted a few rows on DPN's when my auntie was knitting some fingerless gloves with them, but I'm finding it really hard to join the first row together after casting on. It just seems to twist and not connect properly as I knit row after row... ahhh well, I'll just have to keep persevering! I'm not feeling too hopeful though..

I'm not feeling brilliant tonight though, Ray has brought some kind of cold virus home with him from work a couple of day's ago and we've both steadily been getting more bunged up and snivelly (if that's even a word!). We had a lovely Christening to go to today but I had to go to bed for an hour when we got back as it had completely wiped me out! So I'm going to curl up on the sofa this evening under a blanket, with a box of tissues and keep attempting these socks! Wish me luck!



  1. Looks like such a cute book.
    Wish I could knit.
    Hope you feel less snivelly soon!

  2. What an adorable book. Ive just won a load of wool in a giveaway so............ xxx

  3. Oh bless you, hope you feel better soon. Can't wait for news of your giveaway!

    How adorable are those stripy socks on the baby knits book! Love em.

    Thanks for popping over to my blog -I've been reading yours avidly but haven't had time to comment properly this week, just catching up with myself.

    Nicki xx

  4. My first knitted Finished Object was a pair of socks and I struggled with the joining - I found the tutorials on YouTube helpful but it's just a case of practice.

    Sorry you're feeling rough honey, hope you feel better soon....


    S x

  5. I am sorry you are feeling unwell. Soon you will feel better....

    Don't worry about DP needles. The trick when you have put an equal number of stitches on each needle you are using is then to join the round, WITHOUT as you know twisting the stitches. Make sure they are straight and then I find what helps is to use BOTH ends of the wool; the one you are knitting with and the tail left from the cast on since you are at the beginning of the row. With both those ends knit the first 3 or 4 stitches of the new round PULLING extra tight to close the round. Once you have knitted a few stitches you can then let go of the tail (short end) and carry on knitting with ibe strand. You may have to start again a few times until you get used to it.

    I'm pretty much new to knitting too but DP needles are really satisfying to use.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Just popped into your lovely blog and have so enjoyed my visit. Love the socks and your shrug is so pretty.

  7. Thanks so much for my award love! Am delighted and will definitely write the ten (or is it seven facts about myself)
    But madly busy tonight with work (freelance writing) and working all day tomorrow for the village dental practice so it will probably be tmw night.
    Am chuffed that you enjoy my blog, so thanks for passing on the award!Hope you pick up soon, plenty of rest (if you can).
    Love Gem x