Monday, 11 July 2011

The secret garden

Well it's been pretty hectic around here lately..

We went to Dorset to stay with family for a few day's which was lovely, Ray and I got to spend some quality time together with Rose.

 I've had friends come to stay here and I went out properly for the first time since I had Rose... OUCH! My head hurt soooo badly the next morning! I'd been out for a drink with a friend the week before but didn't stay out very late. Somehow I don't think I'll be going out again for a good while yet! I prefer the quiet night's in these day's.. especially when Rose is waking up at 5am!

We came across some gorgeous gardens just up the road from us the other day.. they weren't very well advertised which is why we haven't been before but they were completely free to walk around and were so beautiful. I think we came across a bit of a hidden treasure! :-)

Rose and I taking in the view...

There were huge beds full of lavender, the scent coming off of them was amazing.

It was lovely to have a day out as a family in the sun. Ray's shifts are all so over the place that we seem to be so unlucky and whenever we've got a free day, it's been miserable and such rainy weather.

Can you see the two special people in the background..?!

 I really love taking photograph's of flowers, I find that the close up shots really show off all of the intricate details and the beautiful colours. I lovvveee these orange flowers, I have no idea what they are but wouldn't mind some myself..!

And of course Rose enjoyed herself too..! This was taken after a major nappy incident, it was a bit of a close call... why do they always seem to time it for when they're wearing lovely WHITE clothes!? Luckily we got away with it.. which is lucky, as I had completely forgotten to take a change of clothes for her out with us that day! oops!



  1. What lovely photos, amazing colours, and Rose is such a beauty, and growing so quickly. MMMm nights out and early morning waking is not a good combination!!
    See you soon
    love you lots xx

  2. Where in Dorset did you stay? I live in Gillingham, nr Shaftesbury. Lovely photo's and Rose really is super cute.

    Drinking, late nights...good girl, you enjoy yourself, shame about the early mornings, I remember them well, they soon pass thankfully.


  3. Love too many things in this post! Gorgeous photos of the flowers and I LOVE your dress! You look fantastic, unbelievable that you have such a wee baby. Your sunglasses are fab too. Love Rose's sunhat and the photo with your man and daughter in the background is adorable.

    Hurrah for finally getting some sunshine on one of your days together. You would love the Wild Acre blog - check out my sidebar and have a look-see. Belinda takes some gorgeous photos of the flowers in her garden and is doing a sharing advice thing over the summer and early autumn about what flowers to plant for cutting.

    Nicki xx

  4. Rose is such an adorable girl! I love the flowers pictures! xoxoxoxo