Monday, 25 July 2011

Cute baby accessories!

I follow a really great blog called Maybe Matilda and you can visit Rachel here.

She's got some brilliant tutorials on there and I wanted to try out the knotted crochet headband, I used a small bit of dusky pink Debbie Bliss - Andes yarn and whipped it up in less than an hour whilst watching a film one evening. It's a wonderfully simple idea, I just wouldn't think of doing it myself.

Here is her tutorial on how to make it. I think it looks very cute... but Ray's reaction was 'What is that on her head!? She looks like she's out of Flashdance.' Not Quite the look I was going for...

I had a wander into town today and popped into Next as I remembered that their sale was on but I think I was quite late as everything that was left was either a size 6 or a size 20! So as I'm neither of those, I didn't find anything for myself but I did find this extremely cute pair of shoes for Rose. A bargain at £3! Cute eh!?

I'm annoyed at myself for not making the most of the sunshine today, I spent most of indoors. Rose was napping in the morning when we could have gone out, then had Sainsbury's being delivered 12-1pm and then she had another nap in the afternoon... I spose I could have woken her up to go out somewhere but she was being particularly grumpy, so I didn't really fancy risking it. Hopefully it'll be sunny tomorrow and we can get out to enjoy it.

I spent some time whilst she was napping updating my flickr and ravelry. I'm beginning to fill in all of my finished projects on ravelry, it's quite satisfying seeing all of the finished objects all displayed together. I didn't realise how much stuff you can actually do on there, I've only ever really used it for browsing different patterns before.

Okay, I'm off to go and finish my giveaway project and then hopefully I can do the post tomorrow.



  1. Oh my. How cute is Rose in those pics?!!

    You are (yet again) doing NOTHING for my broodiness!! I want to hear tales of babies that are horrors and don't sleep to put me off, not see model-beautiful piccies and hear how the very same baby slept all day!! Lol....

    S x

  2. Ray's reaction was a classic, only isn't he too young to remember flash dance????????

  3. Cute!! The headband looks really sweet! (I did laugh at Ray's comment; it sounds exactly like something that Andrew would say. Boys just don't get it.) Those are bargain shoes you picked up there, I love them, Rose will look super cute. Hope you get some sunshine today - was hoping for a bit here but no joy so far.
    Nicki xx

  4. I love Rose's shoes, they are so cute, I want to make little shoes like that, but I still have the crochet bug. I used to put little headbands on my daughter when she was Rose's age, I loved them. Get better soon, nothing worse than feeling poorly when the sun is shining and you have a baby to look after.
    x Sandi

  5. Oh my goodness, Rose looks too adorable! Not Flashdance-y at all :-) I'm glad you like the headband--she looks so darling in it! You did a great job!

  6. Rose is so sweet! She looks such a happy baby!
    Love those little shoes!

  7. Rose is just unbelievably gorgeous! She really is just LUSH.

    As for your headband, very cool. Do you think I could get away with wearing a navy one? I'd like a navy headband.

    Ray's comment made me chuckle and reminded me of a time when I was about your age(14 years ago. Gasp) and I was give some underwear from a girl who had dubious taste and had just started working for ann summers. As it fitted so nicely and didn't look too bad on I thought I'd 'treat' the boyf. Now i must describe the bra and knick knocks; black with silver (yes silver) brocade flowers in a balconette style and a full brief. The boyf walked in and I threw the covers back in a Ta Dahhhhhh moment and he said "F*ck me it's RoboCop!!!" At least Ray has never said that about you, Rose or any of your creations!!!

    Not sure I should have shared that!!!!


  8. Clever you, an hour to make a very pretty headband, I'm sure one day I'll be a bit faster, Oh I love flashdance, i just want to rein-act her final dance act myself but I can't quite carry it off in my living room...

    Cuckoo's comment has made me laugh, I think she's forgotten that we are actually house sharing at the time the above took place and I was in the bedroom next to hers when her 'boyf' made that comment and I had to hide under the duvet covers laughing, bless her!!

    I really wanted to purchase a Mollie Makes so checked out their website and they listed Sainsburys as a stockist but I was hugely disappointed last week when I arrived their as they don't anymore!!! gutted


  9. I've just come over from Bee's and have to tell you that the boyf said it Very Loudly whilst the door was still open....but yes in the time we were living together we both heard all sorts through the walls. Mostly farting!


  10. I did mention you on my blog.

  11. It seems that baby Rose is so happy with her headband.

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