Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dorset memories

I thought I would post a few of the photo's from last weeks trip to Dorset..

I think it's so lovely that in years to come, I will be able to look back at this blog and remember all of the special memories from when I originally wrote these blog posts.

This is my Great-Grandad Dooks, Rose's Great-Great Grandad. Every photo of him holding Rose is so precious as he's now 88 years old! Although, he's still extremely active for his age.. it's very impressive!

It was lovely to see some other family members of mine, I don't think I realise how much I miss them until I'm back there with them.. Rose seems so much bigger to me everyday, so to everyone else she must look completely huge after not seeing her for a few weeks.

We went back for a walk up Golden cap, Ray and I have been going for walks up there for quite a while. I'm not entirely sure how I drew the short straw, as I ended up being the one carrying her Up the hugggee hill! I felt exhausted by the end of it! But the view made it worth while..

Rose travelled back down the hill on her Daddy's back.. he had the much easier job of going downhill! I've not been very strict with myself on Slimming World, so I probably needed the extra exercise to be honest!

Yet again I couldn't resist starting a new project. Big surprise there!

It's a baby shrug for Rose, but this time I'm knitting it in the 12-18 month size. So at least after spending all the time knitting it, she'll actually be able to wear the thing!! I've just got to do the ribbed edging for it now.. I had no idea how to pick up the stitches from around the edges, so I was at a bit of a stand still until my auntie showed me what to do.. Thank you Lettie!



  1. You look gorgeous, no need for Slimming World! Wow what a hill, Dorset is just beautiful. Really precious having great great grandad photo memories for Rose and very useful having knitters' in the famiy :0) Love that shrug for Rose, she will look sweet in that minty green xox Penelope

  2. Slim Jim!! Yes, they are lovely memories, we are so lucky to have Dooks aren't we. And yes to us she looks massive!! I can@t get over how much she has grown.

    It was so lovely to see all three of you xx

  3. Golden Cap was one of the very first walks me and Darr did together 12 yrs ago, we've been back many times since, it's just so peaceful and very relaxing but yes a bit of a hike, I feel very lucky living in Dorset.

    It's lovely having Grandparents (or even Great Grandparents), so many don't have them now, my nanny is 82 and I love talking to her about my family and what life was like for her when she was little, precious moments.

    Well done with the knitting, looks perfect x x x

  4. The photo of Rose with her Great-Great-Grandad is so precious. When Charlotte was 9 months old we got all the family together and had a super photo taken of four generations of ladies. So glad we did as Charlotte's Great-Nana passed away 18 months later. These memories are precious.
    That shrug is beautiful, such a delicate colour.
    Becky x
    PS Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Much appreciated.

  5. Aaah, happy days. Dorset's one of my favourite places ever (as you'll probably have gathered from my blog!) It looks like you had a great time, and how lovely for Rose to be able to be with her great-great-grandad - that's a special thing indeed.
    The shrug's looking great - you're a very clever knitter!
    Emily x

  6. Golden Cap is LUSH!!! I love that pic of Granded Dooks with Rose!
    And why the heck are you slimming young lady? You look as lush as poss. Very yummy mummy.
    Can't knit. Won't knit. Too busy trying to work out flipping crochet!!!!

  7. Lovely memories to treasure,well done on the knitting.xxx

  8. I so love that photo with Rose and Dooks, we are so lucky to be able to have him...... i dont think he knows the words 'slow down'!! You look lovely and very slim, very envious, need to get my act together.
    See you soon for lots of cuddles
    Mum xxxx

  9. what sweet photos, and what a little cutie pie x
    love the little baby shrug
    j x