Monday, 4 June 2012

A quick photo round up of May - Part one

Even though I haven't quite got around to blogging much this month, I've still been taking quite a few photo's so I thought I would get a good load of them on here before they get swallowed up and forgotten in a folder somewhere in my laptop.

I have a really good friend here in Chichester who has 3 kids and her youngest is around 7 months older than Rose. The girls get along like a house on fire, which makes it really handy when either of us needs someone to watch the others child. Rose seems to want to copy everything that my friend's little girl does which makes her try loads of new things faster which is great, I suppose it's similar to when children have older siblings to learn from. It's so funny hearing them have one of their conversations as Rose hasn't really got the 'talking' thing down yet so it all sounds like gobbledygook to anyone listening! The other day at the swing park they were both so impatient to let each other go on the only available swing first, that they ended up going in together. Fortunately they safely wedged each other in and absolutely loved going in together, Rose was actually holding her around her shoulders... so sweet! :-)

Ray had a few days off work so on one day we had a lovely picnic in the park and had a trip to the beach in the afternoon. When we got to the park Rose was sleeping in her buggy and I thought we'd have trouble with her running away from us as soon as she was up and active but fortunately she was more interested in playing peek-a-boo from behind the big tree we were sat next to. :-)

I now have to hide the lens cap from her if I'm attempting to take any photo's though as it seems one of her favourite games is trying to replace the cap whenever I'm pointing the camera at her! Very cute at first and then it gets a little frustrating...!

Here are a few photo's from our afternoon on the beach, it was the first time we went to the beach where she actually just enjoyed playing with the sand rather than eating it. I bought a bucket and spade for her from the Pound shop and it was the bet £1 I ever spent... she must have been playing with that bucket and spade for almost an hour straight!!

It's the perfect kind of beach to take small children to because the sea is really shallow for miles, so you don't have to worry that they're going to get dragged out to sea when only going down for a little paddle. Well that's what I thought until there was a really sad case a week after we were there where a man drowned saving a little girl that got into trouble in the sea. So sad... 

On another completely random note... I don't seem to have been blessed with this whole 'pregnancy bloom glow' that every one goes on about yet. If anything, my skin on my face has gotten a lot worse! I'm starting to feel a bit rubbish about it and was wondering if anyone can recommend the best foundation and cover-up to disguise my current spottiness?! I'm willing to pay a little more than usual if it helps me feel a little better about my skin!! (Sorry that this blog isn't one that only talks about the nice pretty things in my life!)



  1. You’ve taken some lovely pictures! :0)
    when I’ve had problems with my skin I use Estee Lauder double wear or maximum cover. i hope this helps. xxx
    PS. Congratulations X

  2. Benefit concealers are amazing; 'boi-ing' and 'erase paste' are both incredible! Bloody expensive, but I got a Benefit concealer kit and it's lasted me over a year, so probably works out to be cost effective! :)

  3. Lovely photos Ashley.
    Foundation wise I would recommend Vichy Dermablend for a good cover up. Lisa Eldridge has a video on you tube on how to apply this. I use my normal foundation and this to cover any redness. It costs around £17 from Boots.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the ones of the two friends wedged in the swing and the peek-a-boo one is so adorable! I don't have any sport covering advice I'm afraid but I'm looking at your comments with interest because mine never seem to go away!

    S x

  5. congratulations Ashley - didn't know you were Keith Cheggers again! (I'm a bad blogging pal at the moment)
    lovely pictures as always, and Rose shoe envy, as always!
    fee x

  6. Lovely pics, I love the swing one too where they are both wedged in - so cute! Not got much advice on the spot front either I'm afraid as I don't go in for that muhc make up and my skin is thankfully quite clear at the moment - I did have awful spots when I was about 18 though for a good couple of years - had to go to my doctor to get some medicated cream but it did the trick!! Hope you've had a good Jubilee weekend :) Jenny x

  7. Gorgeous pics again Ashley, you do have a talent! I went through the same with my second pregnancy and unfortunately for me I still get them :0( I use Jane Iredale Purepressed foundation. It is pricey but worth it I think for a lovely natural finish with fab coverage. Google it and you'll find it, Ebay always sells it cheaper, you needn't buy the compact, the refil will do the job with a small brush xx

  8. lovely, joyful photographs! ;0)x...sorry your feeling a bit down with your skin and not feeling the baby bloom. I never felt well enough through my pregnancy to enjoy the baby bloom hehe, i was sick, morning-noon and night!. all my pregnant friends looked fantastic and well...we're all different i guess. I use maybelline dream matte mousse foundation. ive always had spots- not badly but most days. i find it soft and not cakey-flakey like a lot of powders and concealers. lifes not perfect huni, dont feel bad with sharing reality ;0)xxxx big hugs beautiful xxxxx

  9. Lovely weather seems like an age ago now! It looks like a lot of fun was had! X

  10. Looks like you have had a great time, congratulations on the baby news, hope you are feeling more energetic soon! :)

  11. Hi, Ashley! Just found your lovely blog via Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet. Love your joyful shoots! And your sweet model too :O)
    Have a nice day