Monday, 18 June 2012

May round up - Part two (even though it's nearly the end of June!)

Well I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and definitely looking like I have a bun in the oven... rather than just looking like I'd been eating my weight in cake! Everything is going well so far, fingers crossed! Although yesterday and today I am struggling to do anything with my left hand as my wrist feels about as strong as a twig... even typing at the moment is pretty uncomfortable but I will get a blog post written, even if it kills me!! Ray thinks I may have a spot of Carpal tunnel syndrome related to this pregnancy so I'm going to get myself a wrist support tomorrow, it's only in my left wrist at the moment but then again I broke that wrist when I was younger so maybe the bones are still lined up a bit funny..!?

Here are the rest of the photo's from our trip to Dorset, which feels like agggess ago now. Once I publish this post, I will get started on my most recent one which I already have the photo's for...

Nan had Rose for a good few hours on one of the day's when we were back in Dorset so we made the most of the opportunity of a bit of 'just us' time and had a lovely lunch out next to the beach followed but a nice walk.

We were So lucky with the weather and I think our minds went into shock at not having to constantly watch Rose and we both dozed off laying on the beach in the sunshine... very responsibly neither of us had any sun cream on and I burnt my arms quite spectacularly. No tan for me after it all just peeled away! 

We had a lovely walk around Langdon hill and got to enjoy all of the gorgeous bluebells, it was lovely to just be walking with one another on our own for a change as we end up talking about other subjects apart from the usual baby/toddler/rose related things... although, Rose still features in most of what we talk about!

On one of our day's away we drove half way down to Cornwall to meet up with Mum so we could spend a bit of time with her and she could have some quality time with Rose. We had a lovely picnic in the park enjoying the sunshine, it was so hot that we even went paddling in the stream along side the park to cool us down a little. It's really difficult living so far away from Mum when I'd like her to see Rose a whole lot more but hopefully it won't be long until we're living a little closer to her and in the mean time, we get to look forward to a visit from Mum in July. :-)

Our friends Matt and Amanda got married and their wedding was just perfect, absolutely beautiful. Rose was with Nan and Grandad for the whole day and evening so Ray and I really got to enjoy every moment without struggling to keep Rose under control! It's very difficult to get her to stay still and in any one place for any good length of time these day's.

Rose and I had a lunch date around Sarah's a couple of weeks ago and as it had been so lovely and sunny they still had their swimming pool set up. Sarah gave Rose a chance to dip her little toes in the water and she got a taste for the water... 5 minutes later she was in a swimming costume and walking around the pool with myself trying desperately to keep my shorts dry, I was having to stand up very straight!

Ray and I have had a bit of 'date day' instead of 'date night' today as my lovely friend Danielle has kindly taken Rose for the day and in return I will have her little girl on Friday, the girls love having one another to play with. So we've been to the cinema together (Ray has the day off after working the weekend) and I'm now enjoying the piece and quiet before my little girl comes home. :-)



  1. Aww lovely pics Ashley.
    My friend has Carpal Tunnel which developed after she had her second baby. She is going in for an op on her wrist soon. Hope yours gets better soon.

  2. lovely post and photographs x your little girl is growing quickly ;0)
    glad you and your man are getting some quality time. i do a lot for my twin as i know what its like with a toddler and its good to have a breather/ break ;0)x

  3. Ahhhhh I've missed you chick. How are things going with the bump? We really must sort out a date to meet up, I'm sorry I've not been in touch. Very busy with work at the moment and not enough hours in the day.
    Rose looks lush and I love Sarah's dress too.
    Nice to get time together as a couple isn't it? It rarely happens for us so when it does, it's wonderful.
    Lots of love x x x x x x x x x x

  4. What a lovely picture of your mum and Rose. Wonderful to hear that you have had some time with your husband whilst Rose has been enjoying herself too xx

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy. I must have missed that post! x

  6. Dorset is beautiful isn't it? Glad you had a some time to yourselves in the sunshine.
    Sandra x

  7. Pretty pictures. Love Rose with your Mom. My friend had something similar to what you are experiencing with your arms/hands. Both the good news is that when she delivered it went away. Hope yours does before that.

  8. What a lovely post. So glad you got to enjoy some couple time, although it's so strange when those little ones aren't around isn't it? Looks like you had some lovely weather and your photos are beautiful (especially the one of your Mum and Rose - adorable)

    S x

  9. Lovely pics as always Ashley, looks like you had a fab time xx

  10. Oh Hope your CTS goes away I have had ops on both my CT with success I add , but that was a long time after I had my children 25yrs to be exact,so Im sure it will go once baby beautiful is born.How lovely to relax at your friends wedding while someone else looks after Rose.Take care love Jill xx