Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fox's are really going for comfort these day's...

Hi everybody,

It's been a little while since I've shown you a few photo's of what's happening in the garden so  I thought I'd do a quick post with a round up of what's growing out there at the moment.

Due to the mainly rainy and windy weather, it's been quite difficult to get out there to do any real gardening as I can't have Rose out there with me when she's going to get cold and wet.

Last week I was able to spend a good few hours doing solid weeding out there and it was starting to look tidy and under control until we started to get a little (actually quite big!) visitor every night/early morning.

A few mornings ago I came downstairs and opened the curtains at our french window doors to see a huggee fox sleeping on our sun lounger! I tried to scare it away but within a few minutes it returned completely un-fazed by my crazy self jumping, waving and shouting at it. It then began to dig up my flower beds right in front of my eyes! Since then, every morning I come down to find huge holes in my flower beds where it's been digging up my plants and masses of soil knocked down onto the paved ground - just perfect for Rose to traipse back in through the house! (we have cream carpets, very practical! haha)

So I was just wondering, has anyone else has problems with pesky foxes? Is there a way to discourage them from coming into our garden, we don't even have any bins out there for it to be attracted to... I guess I'm just wary of letting Rose go to play outside in the mornings like she usually does when it wasn't scared of me At all! Especially after hearing these kind of stories a while ago...


I've finished the mini quilt that I've been making for my nan's birthday present, so I will try and get some photo's taken today before I send it off to her and get a post together showing you the results. :-)



  1. What a lovely garden you have, such beautiful flowers. Oh my gosh, a fox on the sun lounger (must have been very comfy) what ever next!!! I would be very careful about Rose too, animals can be so unpredictable it seems. I saw a fox on the side of the road the other day, it had been hit by a car.....I did feel a bit sad for it tho, not a nice way to pop off this planet.
    Sandi xo

  2. Hello :o)
    Ooooh your garden is looking so pretty!
    What a cheeky fox, shame you didn't get a photo! It is worrying though with little Rose wanting to play outside.
    We have fox visits here too...where on earth do they think they are digging to... Australia?! luckily he seems to have cleared off for a bit...maybe he has come to visit you.....sorry.
    love jooles x

  3. Hello! We have the same problem with foxes because my dog is small and he thinks he's big and has chased them out of the garden before! I'm scared that if a fox turned on him my dog would get eaten alive. (But be fighting back for every second of it.)
    I have heard, and this is most unpleasant, that if you get wee up the fence (I'd get the husband to do this, it could be tricky otherwise) that puts them off coming in. Also human hair apparently. I'm not sure if these are old wives tales or do work but you never know. They are so bold and self assured, we have one that sometimes comes right up and looks through the French doors.
    Good luck anyway!

  4. Oh my! I thought I had a problem with the neighbours cat digging up my veg beds! Your flowers are looking lovely though, I just hope Mr. Fox doesn't do too much damage.


  5. You have some lovely flowers growing in your garden doll!

    About the fox, now this will sound gross, but it has worked for us, at least the chickens haven't been got at... Get Ray to wee around the perimetre (sp?) of you garden. The first wee after waking is best as it'd strongest. I know it's mining but I think it is working for us.


  6. Never had a fox in the garden,pretty flowers growing in your garden.Love Jill xxx

  7. Lovely pictures ,planning a spot of gardening today ,hope the sun stays out xx

  8. Your photos are lovely, and as to the fox, i am not sure of the answer maybe it had had a hard night and wanted a snooze!
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx