Monday, 7 May 2012

When Mum came to stay...

A few weeks ago my Mum came to stay for the weekend, it coincided with a stag-do of a good friend that Ray was going on and so was actually really good timing. Having Mum here definitely helped keep my mind off all the mischief Ray and the boys good be getting up to! :S haha 

While she was here we weren't very lucky with the weather and it rained quite a bit! So instead of venturing out into the awful rainy weather, we had a couple of lazy mornings where we were still in our pyjama's at 10 am! But we both enjoyed spending a few hours crafting (she has a lovely stall at a few craft fairs down in Cornwall) while Rose went down for her morning nap.

On the Sunday we were really lucky with the weather in the afternoon and took Rose for a little day out. We went to the Aldingbourne country centre which is up the road from us, where Rose could see the animals. 

I hadn't been there before and thought that the animals would be in stables or something like other places we've been to before but this place was just a couple of big paddocks where most of the animals were completely free to walk around wherever they wanted and you just went in with them. I then realised Rose was wearing a completely inappropriate outfit of white tights and nice shoes.... she should have been wearing wellies at least!

She managed to run straight into a verryy muddy puddle within the first 5 minutes of us being there... we used a massive amount of wet wipes to clean her up but she still needed a good scrub in the bath that evening! :-)

I'm not sure Rose was Too impressed when this very friendly horse tried to say hello with a good sniffing! haha

As you can see, she was very excited to see all of the different animals... At one point Mum was having to restrain her from climbing into the chicken coop With the chickens, I think she thought it looked like a great wendy house to play in!

Although her clear favourites were these two Very friendly pygmy goats, they were so gentle and although it took her a little while to get the courage to touch them herself, eventually she couldn't stop stroking them. I say stroke... but really it was a quick touch with her fingers before grinning excitedly. We don't have any pets at the moment in this house and so it's still a very novel thing for her to be able to touch an animal that size!

Right, I'm off to do a little crochet before getting a relatively early night. Yet again I had trouble with Rose last night and she was awake from 2:30am til 5am! It's such an awful time in the night to be awake, I wish she'd either wake a little earlier or later so that it wasn't right bang in the middle of my sleep..!



  1. Happy photos lovely to see xx

  2. I stroked a goat as a child and it bit me...

    Rose is a lot luckier!!! Looks like you had a fab weekend, hope Ray wasn't too worse for wear when he returned home!

  3. What a lovely post!! It's nice when the children can get right up close to the animals, we are going somewhere similar on Saturday for my daughter's 8th birthday. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I'm so sorry Rose isn't sleeping so well, I can totally relate at the moment! My little boy had me up last night from til 4.30 and then up again at 5.30 and I have to be up at 6.30 for work! I only went back to work, part-time 3 days a week, last Monday, and would be going well if it wasn't for the complete lack of sleep...just going to see how it goes and hoping that my little boy gets better, though this is only the start i'm sure - these are his first two teeth so lots more to come yet! :( I will think of you next time i'm up in the night..and know that i'm not the only one! It's so very hard though isn't it xx

  4. So glad to see your new posts Ashley! I love your clip of rose dancing, she is so cute! Lovely pics of your day out, her face is priceless. Lack of sleep is so hard when you've got little ones, my two are a lot older than Rose, but I still remember the tiredness - it wont last forever, easy for me to say but it does get better xx

  5. It looks like Rose had a very fun day out :) That is so cute about the pygmy goats. I think pygmy goats are rather cute..they have such cheeky personalities.
    I hope you will be able to get a bit more sleep tonight. I am taking my rest while I can, before the little one arrives..
    Have a lovely day :)
    Magie x

  6. Aww the pictures of Rose experencing different animals is so sweet. My eldest only really likes rabbits where the youngest is obbsessed with dogs! I love taking my girls to place like. Usually so I can stroke and fuss over all the cute animals! lol.

    P x

  7. Hi Ashley,

    Nice to see some new blog posts from you. Rose is such a cutie!!

    I just stopped by to let you know that I am celebrating my first blog birthday with a giveaway, nothing as lovely as yours but as I'm a big fan of your blog I would love for you to enter.

    Have a lovely week,

    Lexie @

  8. It sounds like you had a great time. Weirdly I have never come across the Aldingbourne Country Centre. Big fan of the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum though! Sorry your little tinker is still giving you night time troubles.

  9. I love the photos, that camera is so good. It was lovely to spent some time with you both. It was so funny to see Rose with the animals, i definitely think you should get a pigmy goat as a pet! And i love the photo with Rose and i with the pony. Also to be able to chill out and do crafts with you was lovely.

    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Ah your mum looks so pretty. Glad you both had fun with Rose.
    Hope Ray behaved on the stag do. I HATE stag do's with a passion. They make my teeth itch...
    Sorry not been in touch for a while Beauty, but let's try to catch up again some time when you aren't so tired (know the feeling).
    Much love x x x xx

  11. Aww lovely photo's as usual... Rose is looking adorable!! Looks like you all had a great time with your Mum. I'm looking forward to seeing what crochet you are working on :)

    Have a great week Ashley, hugs

    Louise xxx