Sunday, 6 May 2012

Life according to my Instagram.

I've been using Instagram on my iPhone quite a lot lately and thought I would give you a little peek at some of the photo's I've put on there.. 

I meant to put a few of these photo's on my blog before but never got around to it so here's a little catch-up!

(Rose's new favourite place, she climbs up onto the buggy to have a peek through the blinds to see what's going on in the street outside.)

(This photo reminds me of the lovely sunny weather we were having a little while back... where has it gone!!?)

(It's been a very gradual process but I've been working a little English paper-pieced patchwork.)

(Hot milky time before bed!)

(Now that's a whole lotta citrus!)

(Apparently this is the new way to travel... not in the comfy padded buggy seat no, but down in the shopping basket..! Sooo normal, haha..)

(I've been busy sewing pin cushions to go in my Etsy shop, now I just need to actually list them on there!)

(It was a day for polka-dots)

(Mum came to stay and we were pretty unlucky with the weather, so we enjoyed having mornings in our pj's while crafting together.)

(Rose has discovered a love of tomato ketchup... I'm rationing it!)

(and finallyyyy... I'm actually almost finished sewing all of my patchwork shapes together, it's only taken me Months!)

If you fancy following me on Instagram you can find me by searching 'countryrosecrafts'.

I can't wait until I can get my iPhone upgraded, the camera picture quality is pretty pants on the one I have now. It does the job okay though..! :-) 

I hope your all having a brilliant bank holiday weekend. Ray is working lots to try and get us some extra pennies but we have the whole day together tomorrow, pleassseee don't let it rain, again!



  1. Lovely to see your photos Ash. Have missed them xx

    Also so lovely to see Rose and you the other day. xx

  2. Oh! Your patchwork is lovely. I am sure it will be well-worth all the time you have put into it!!

  3. Great pics, especially like the heart shaped sun beams, is that an instagram feature or a reflection off something.........very clever

  4. Great photo's! Little Rose is just adorable :)
    Instagram can be quite addictive, I just downloaded it the last week and have been busy playing around with it.
    I hope the weather was all right for your bank holiday Monday..
    Magie x

  5. Hello lovely lady :o)
    Ahhh lovely to see some wonderful photos, i have been missing you x
    I love Rose's new method of transport...i think it may catch on!
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x

  6. Ooh I LOVE your vintage style bike..... is it original or is it a Pashley? Such pretty photos!!