Sunday, 6 May 2012

I Am here, really! :-)

I'm sorry my heart hasn't really been in blogging for the last couple of weeks... I've been reading most blogs but have been rubbish at leaving comments! I'm really sorry for that, I'm attempting to catch-up with that though..!

I've just been feeling really tired in the evenings and instead of being my usual night-owl blogger, I've been turning in early! Rose has been waking up most nights again as well which doesn't help matters! 

I'm putting a few posts together to put on my blog as soon as possible but in the mean time I will leave you with a little video of Rose's new found dancing skills.... hahaha. She came home with an old High School Musical toy microphone from Ray's parents house and it has been playing Constantly, it's not driving me insane at all...!

 It's not the best quality video and I'm sorry about the state of my front room, I was looking after my friends little girl and together they both wrecked the place!


Oh! Just before I go... I was completely chuffed to receive a message on my Etsy earlier on this evening saying I've been included in my first Treasury! :-) My item's are the fabric coasters on the bottom row by the way... you can go and look at they real Treasury here:

'Happy Sunday' by sasashandcrafts

Multicolor Soft Pouch

Happy Birthday Yay

12 Circus Animal Cupcak...

A4 Art Illustration Pri...

Boho Magnesite and Cora...

Plush Giraffe Toy "...

Cuff links "Anchor...

Broken Vintage Jadite P...

Boutique Childrens Hair...

Vintage 80's - Brig...

Coral Color Burst Earri...

Balls of yarn 8x10 phot...

Blue and White Pearly T...

Easter Treat Pocket Gif...

Set of 4 fabric coaster...

Polymer Clay Necklace ...


  1. Well done on the Etsy treasury! I hope you feel less tired soon. The sleepless nights start to add up after a while and mess with your body clock. Little Son just won't settle at the moment and sometimes its 2 in the morning and he's still all chatty and lively (and he's 8!!). If I didn't know better I'd think he'd been at my coffee maker. Rose has got good rythmn - keep swinging girl! xxx

  2. I am suffering interrupted nights thanks to teething bubba, so I feel your pain! Hope it gets a bit better soon. How cute is Rose, bless her. Much better dancer than my son, he just throws himself about like he is in a mosh pit! xx

  3. Now that girl has some moves. Like when she tried to go side to funny. COngrats on your Etsy treasure.

  4. What a cutie! Well done on the Etsy treasury those coasters are lovely. Emma xx

  5. Well done with the Etsy treasury that's great!! Ooohh I know how you feel with the sleepless nights!! my baby boy is teething terribly at the moment and has been up every hour to two hours for the last 4 nights - it's so exhausting isn't it! Rose is just adorable!! Hope the nights get better for you very soon xx

  6. Congrats on the treasury- that's awesome!!!
    Funnily enough I just posted starting withe the same "sorry I haven't been blogging or commenting..."
    Hope you get some unbroken sleep soon

  7. Wow! There's some lovely (and free!) publicity! Glad to see you back - and Rose - she is a doll!

  8. I love that video of Rose. Can you email it to me so I can take it to show Nan and Grandad? xx

  9. Great to see you back and huge congratulations on the treasury inclusion!

  10. Well done on being included in your first treasury, may it be the first of many. I love the video of Rose dancing, definately takes after you, ha ha. Could you send me the video to my BB? And fingers crossed that Rose discovers the joy of sleep soon.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxxx