Wednesday, 9 May 2012

An update on what's happening in the garden and Rose has been meeting a few more animals!

Here are a few photo's of what's out in the garden at the moment... there was a sunny spell in between all the rain the other day and so I popped out to take a few pics to show you all. 

I'm particularly happy with my tulips, the ones I had in the garden last year were okay but they weren't as pretty as these ones. I really love the intense pinks in these flowers...

I've got so much to do out there but as the weather has been soooo bad lately, there just hasn't been a long enough dry period where I've had the time to go outside with Rose and get loads done. It doesn't help that every time I try to do any weeding, Rose continually keeps trying to climb into the flower beds beside me!

I was back in Dorset for a few day's at the end of April and while I was there, Rose and I took a little trip to my friend Kelci's family farm to see some of the animals.

We were so lucky as the weather was just perfect, gorgeous sunshine. Rose enjoys meeting two Very friendly sheep, I couldn't believe how tame they were! They happily let Rose feel their fleecy coats, she loved scrunching up her fingers in the fleece feeling the different texture.

I was amazed at how unfazed she was by the two sheep, she was a little more unsure of the horses as they were so much taller and bigger than she is but the sheep are a little more on her level I think.

Meet 'Tink' the horse, I thought it was a girl but it was actually a male horse!

See! Verrryy friendly sheep..!

She even had her first pony ride! :-) He was actually a Shetland pony, that's why she looks so massive on him! haha

Nan looked after Rose for me while I went away on a hen weekend, well it was just the one night but it was the first time that I had left Rose overnight anywhere and I was actually really worried about it. But I think Rose loved having some quality time with her Great Nan and Grandad and when I returned she was being so affectionate towards Nan, it really was lovely to see. Nan said she didn't show any signs of being upset when I wasn't there when she woke up on the Saturday morning, she was just happy to be given her breakfast... even if it wasn't by me! haha... She obviously loves her food just as much as I do!



  1. How brave of you to leave Rose - I am so glad it went well. Little Son is still really clingy and there is no way he would stay anywhere away from me at night. Its good that you know Rose is happy to do it and its lovely for her to get to know your grandparents even better. Lily. xxx

  2. What a lovely adventure life is for Rose. How lovely to see the photo of your nan and Rose, they look so engrossed and happy together xx

  3. I think it actually made Nan slow down a bit Ash xx

  4. Ashley your flowers are beautiful, my Primulas and violas are looking really sorry for themselves!
    Rose is such a cutie!

  5. Hi Ashley,
    Such lovely pictures of your garden.
    And Rose is so pretty and sweet. xx

  6. Lovely pictures ... have serious garden envy! Mine was ransacked by my chickens last year and is still in recovery mode! Rose is lovely, I love that photo of her walking towards you on your header; always makes me smile. Have a lovely day, Claire xxx

  7. Gorgeous garden pictures, your flowers are so pretty! Rose is so cute with all the animals too. Surprising how confident she is with the sheep, she is still quite a lot smaller than them! xx

  8. What a sweet post - the flower photographs are amazing - so much detail, you have a real talent for capturing the beauty of each petal. As for Rose, well she is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely blog, I look forward to reading more.
    Paula x