Friday, 2 December 2011

We're braving the Christmas tree!

Well... the decorations are up and it looks like Christmas in our house!

I was desperate to get the tree decorated and I thought that if I just put it up, Rose would have more time to get used to it being there and she might just leave it alone...

I tied the tree from the back onto our staircase banister which has made the tree quite sturdy, but actually she doesn't really seem that interested in it. She pulled on the baubles a couple of times yesterday but today she hasn't shown a blind bit of interest. Thank goodness for that!

This was my advent gift from Cupcake Jo for day one, a Gorgeous crocheted cupcake.
Isn't it scrummy!? :-) The tiny beads just make it perfect.



  1. It looks lovely :) We're putting ours up this weekend, I think i'll have my work cut out keeping E away from it! T wasn't bothered about it for his 1st or 2nd xmas though so maybe she, like Rose, won't be too interested. Heres hoping! That cupcake is so sweet! K xx

  2. Beautiful tree, and yummy cupcake. How fun!

  3. i spy your lovely tree in the background- it looks lovely x getting the tree up too, sophia's getting excited to decorate it ;0)x
    love the Advent cupcake xx

  4. We now are the proud owners of 3 different Christmas trees because of having to find smaller versions to put up on tables out of a certain toddler's reach... I'll be having the big one up again this year as our oldest is now 3 and should be tree safe, next year though we'll go through it all again with trying to find a safe alternative with a probably crawling one year old!

    I can't wait to get our tree up - it doesn't feel like Christmas is really coming until it is all decorated

  5. Part of the fun of having a tree with small kiddies is them pulling baubles off :-) Enjoy x

  6. Your tree will be fine, though tying it onto the banister will help little fingers. I love the snowflake, little bit of crocheted Christmas. Looking forward to coming up soon for lots of cuddles
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxx

  7. What a lovely gift, can't wait to see what else you get x x x

  8. What a sweet cupcake, and a wonderful snowflake too....sigh, wish I could make these sorts of things!
    My girls are big enough now that they leave the tree alone, thought the doggies are different matter..hummmmm I wonder how many breakages I will have?!!
    Nattie x

  9. Ah that's good to hear! Rose obviously just to look at it's Christmassy gorgeousness! Did you make the snowflake? It is a very pretty one. Cupcake Jojo's cupcake looks delicious...these advent swaps are a brilliant idea aren't they!? :)x

  10. Ah, glad Rose is leaving the tree alone!! You may well be OK, we had always had a real tree until we had H and then we got a fake one for his first active Christmas thinking he would pull it on himself and he never looked the side it's on.

    Lovely pics, I've been crocheting snowflakes too.

    What camera do you have? Is it a fancy one? Your pics are good quality, I'm fed up with my rubbish camera....


    S x

  11. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful day one gift. I love cupcakes and this one is just beyond adorable!