Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Getting that festive feeling!!

I'm beginning to feel really festive now... as I walk around town everyone is busy getting their Christmas shopping done which makes me think that I need to get myself organised and write a list of what I'm doing for each person. I bought some wrapping paper which is about as far as I've got with the whole thing!

I want to get all of the decorations up but Ray is putting off decorating the big tree for a while as he thinks Rose will pull it down. To be honest... he's probably right. She did pull the clothes airer onto herself a couple of hours ago... 
We're trying to come up with somewhere to put it that we can limit the access she has to it... anyone have any ideas as to how to keep a baby away from the tree?!

Even though I can't have the proper Christmas tree up yet, I've started decorating a few other areas of the house. How gorgeous are these colourful baubles from Paperchase!?

 I love them! :-)

I had a lovely surprise when I got back from playgroup with Rose this afternoon, my friend had sent me some belated-birthday gifts. She knows just How much I love Cath Kidston! It means so much that she bought me such lovely things because I know how short of money she is.

Mum sent Rose her own Advent calendar, she can't possibly eat all that chocolate so I Maayy have to help her out a little... what a shame! haha

My advent swap goodies arrived from Cupcake jojo, I'm so glad I entered into this swap. There were a few times though when I felt a little stressed by the pressure of having a deadline to finish all of my gifts! But now that I've seen all of the presents from Jo, I'm so excited knowing that I have a present to open up every day until Christmas..! :-)

Jo even included a present for Rose to open at Christmas! So, so kind of her because she didn't need to do and it is such a lovely thought. Thank you Jo xxx

Okay, I'm off to carry on with my current crochet project. I WILL get at least one present finished!



  1. My boys have been off school today with the strikes so we decided to put our tree up. We hav certainly been through more than one Christmas with a tree under attack from little people. Not sure what we did to be honest....

    How exciting you did the swap, and you'll get your first to open tomorrow!

    Have a lovely rest of week!

  2. You're more than welcome lovely lady! I'm feeling nervous now & just hoping everything is ok!!!!!


    Jo x x x

  3. We always tied our tree to a hook in the wall to prevent naughty animals knocking it over, this could work for babies maybe? And if you position the tree so that the hook or nail is behind then no one would see the twine.


  4. Well... when one of my boys was tiny he was into EVERYTHING...and I seriously considered stringing the tree up from the ceiling.. but no.. I did put it on a side table though... do you still have a could put it and all the pressies in there. Oooo I'm in the advent swap too... it's so exciting! :)x

  5. I have an antique wagon that I put three little trees in. It is in the corner between two couches. I care for little ones and have dogs. A
    Ll I would have to do to limit the access is put a little board or something about 18 " long. WOrks well for me.
    My husband has also nailed the tree into the wall before using a wire. Left a nice hole in the wall but he patched it.
    Also you could just have a small tabletop tree.

  6. I love your tiny baubles, I have the same paperchase ones too :-)

    Is there anything you can tie your tree to from above? My mum used to tie ours to a curtain rail after my brother pulled it down :-)

    Enjoy your advent presents! Looking forward to seeing what you got! xx

  7. I love Christmas, we are going to get our tree this weekend and are having the same debate about where to put it. Once lit I know Mabel will spend the whole of December trying to reach it.
    Very jealous of your advent gifts, they look like loads of fun. You will have to show us what you get!
    Nelly x

  8. Hi, when my kids were little I used to put the Christmas tree up inside an old wooden play pen - and also be very consistent with the fact that they couldn't touch it. Really they were pretty good about it. xxBrenda

  9. I'm feeling all festive too, I've put a few bits up and like you have some "twigs" in a vase which I'm loving, the Paperchase baubles are fab!!

    We've bought very, very few presents so far so don't fret!!

    You're swap looks lovely!! I sent mine Monday by next day courier but have had no message from my partner to say she got it so am a bit worried about it!!

    I've gone and forgotten I have an appointment on Monday, so if you're busy the rest of next week can we do the week after? Send me a text, hunny


    S x

  10. hello lovely - wow look at all those sweet advent gifts - how exciting- i took part last year, but this year ive been on a more strict christmas budget so didnt take part. i have the small dinky sparkly and shiny paper chase baubles - i bought them to put on my dresser ;0)...i found when sophia was little like rose i'd tuck the tree between two chairs- first week she would try pull on it and the decor's , but think they soon realise not too- one year the tree fell on sophia when she was just walking- i put my tree on a small table now - decors up high enough not to reach , especially as my little niece rosie is just walking and at that 'little crafty age'- where they wantto grab everything hehe ;0)x

  11. Hey Ashley- love the baubles! I have been containing my urge to decorate for so long, I'm so glad it's finally December!
    The advent swap looks very exciting, much better than chocolate!!
    Will you be going back to the shire around christmas? I was thinking to go sometime after the new year I think. It would be so great if we could time it so we could see one another.
    Loads of love.xxxx

  12. Eek! I'm getting so excited and your little twiggy tree with the Paperchase baubles is lovely!


    PS thank you for being so nice about my Tinkerbell cake... I've been decorating cakes for a couple of years now and have built up quite a collection of professional tools and learned a few tips along the way (eg use a piece of dry spaghetti inside large model characters to keep them upright and support overnight with bits of sponge whilst they dry etc etc) - your first attempt was waaaay better than mine so keep at it xxxx

  13. Wow that advent calendar is amazing! How exciting! Back when I had time to be creative I made one of these for my boyfriend and I loved putting it all together, each day had some sort of treat with a note about why I loved him, or something to make him laugh! Makes me remember how much I loved doing that and inspired me to put some effort in to do it again next year! Love it! x