Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's been a little like Santa's workshop around here lately!

I'm sorry it's been a little while since my last post, I've just been so busy trying to get everyone's presents finished for Christmas! Kind of annoyingly, most of the people that I've made things for read my blog so I can't show you everything that I've made quite yet.

This is the cushion cover that I've made for my Nan...

I'm so happy with it, it's the first Dresden plate that I've ever made and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to do! I think the cutting out part of the process would have been much faster if I had a proper plastic template to work from, but I made do with a cardboard version. This is the tutorial that I worked from.

I'm attempting to complete my hexagon blanket for my auntie as I know she loves it (she already knows that this is what she's getting by the way!) but at this rate I'll still be crocheting the border/sewing in the ends on our way back to Dorset on Christmas eve!

I love this blanket but kind of hate it at the same time... I think it's because of all the colour changes which make completing each and every hexagon pretty monotonous. Oh, and all those ends that I'm reallllyy dreading having to have to sew in... help!

I'm actually really looking forward to it having a new home! I'll take a load of photo's to go on here of course before handing it over, but it feels like I'm sort of clearing a big space in my head ready for other projects that I really want to do. Does that make any sense??

Things are a bit financially difficult here at the moment and I was wondering about Adsense.. does anyone use it on their blogs? And how does it actually work?



  1. I don't know much about adsense, but I know lots of people who are using it. If it helps you out and keeps you home with that beautiful girl you should do it. By the way love your projects.

  2. Your Dresden pillow turned out great! I don't envy you weaving in all those ends on your blanket but it looks like it will be worth it!

  3. LOVE your blanket, and the Dresden pillow looks great. I did a little patchwork many years ago so know how hard and time consuming it can be.
    Don't know about adsense, so cannot help you there.
    x Sandi

  4. Gosh Ashley you are very multi talented :o) what a beautiful cushion and the hexi blanket is going to look gorgeous, even if you two aren't friends!
    happy making
    love jooles x
    P.S don't know about adsense i'm afraid

  5. The blanket will be treasured (as I think you know I am totally in love with it). We can always weave in ends on Christmas day xx


  6. Love your makes Ashley,I know exactly what you mean about clearing your head when you finish a project,I LOVE that feeling,but then cant wait to start on something else! Happy holidays,lots of love,juliexxx

  7. The pillow is gorgeous and I am really LOVING♥ the crochet blanket! Cx

  8. The cushion does look lovely, and the hex blanket will be loved, and cant wait to see you on Christmas day.
    love Mum xxxxxxx

  9. Clever, clever lady! That cushion is so pretty and tricky-to-make too!

    It is hard to wrangle the time to craft with a little treasure to look after. How do you manage it? How do I manage it actually! In my case I go to bed far too late but the late evenings are the only time I get some quiet time.

  10. Don't know anything about adsense, so can't help you there, but hope you manage to get something sorted. I completely know what you mean about clearing your head for new projects, I can't wait for that feeling once I've got all my Christmas pressies finished. Hope to make something for myself in the new year x

  11. I love, love, love that Dresden cushion, it's gorgeous!!

    I'll sit and help you weave those ends in on Monday if you still have it to do, we can have a good natter while we do it!!

    S x

  12. Is it sad that I am looking forward to my post Christmas projects?! I love crocheting and am enjoying the projects I am currently doing, but I am always planning the next thing! I know what you mean about those ends, they make me shudder!

    Hope you find a financial solution soon!

  13. I don't find adsense very good at all, how about selling some of your gorgeous creations on facebook, that seems to work well. Message me if you need any info x

  14. i really love the cushion it looks really lovely- you're so creative with a small baby too- you really amaze me!...i need a kick in the bum making wise x

  15. Oh what a darling pillow cover. Such a special, heartfelt gift. :o) Your crochet is beautiful!
    Have a lovely weekend. Sincerely, Trish

  16. I am absolutely in LOVE with your cushion, you are so talented... I am itching to do some patchwork myself after being so busy with my needles or hook of late. I feel a bit of sewing time is needed... hopefully in the new year! So many requests from family and friends + christmas pressies to finish I know exactly what you mean about having new project ideas whirring around in the head!! haha.

    Hope you are enjoying this festive time of year with your family,
    Louise xx

  17. Ashley your dresden plate cushion is gorgeous!! I had exactly the same problem with the cutting with my tablecentre I made recently too, definately going to invest in a plastic block :)