Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's nearly that time of year again!

The cake is done!

I may have a million other things to do on my list, but at least the cake can be ticked off!

It's the first Christmas cake I've ever made and I'm pretty chuffed with it. :-) The icing looks a lot smoother than on Ray's birthday cake which I'm really happy about, although it's Definitely not perfect!
I came across a picture of a cake with holly leaves on in the Cath Kidston magazine and decided to use that for inspiration. I Love the cake bunting and bought it from Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet a while ago, I'm so glad to be finally able to use it.

I had Sarah from Shabby chic Sarah around for lunch on Monday, it was a really lovely day and so great to see her again. The weather was really awful so we stayed indoors chatting with cups of tea, whilst she helped me thread in about a thousand ends on the hexagon blanket for my auntie's Christmas present. Thank you Sarah!

I've actually finished the blanket now but if I hadn't had help with those ends I think I'd be stressing out right now trying to get it all done!!

We agreed to make one another a Christmas gift each and Sarah made me this pretty apron out of vintage fabrics, isn't it it gorgeous!? Perfect for those baking day's..!

She also made a gift for Rose which was a really lovely thought, isn't 'Ellie' (as I seemed to have named her) the sweetest elephant you ever saw?! I Love the dungarees and Rose has been fascinated with her since she got her on Monday... her nose is getting a good old chewing anyway!

Thank you so so much xXx

I probably won't get a chance to blog again before we go to Dorset on Friday, so if I don't get a chance to say it nearer the time... 'Merry Christmas everybody!'


(PS- I have been receiving some really lovely gifts in my Advent swap from Jo, I especially enjoyed all of the chocolate goodies today! I'm afraid I've just been far too disorganised to take photo's of the gifts to put up here, I'm ever so grateful for the gifts though. Thanks Jo xxx)


  1. Ha ha haaaaa! I have just decorated my christmas cake and.....It is covered in holly and has THE SAME BUNTING!!!!!!! OMG! Hilarious!!!!!!!

    I tell you something, That Sarah, she is just so lush and I am well envious of you two getting to spend time together. I'd love that. Didn't she come up trumps with the extra gifts?! Swoon.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Ellie is just a cutie :o) and what a pretty pinny...beautiful gifts.
    Your cake looks fabulous, we decorating ours today!
    Wishing you and your family peace, love and joy this Christmas time, have fun in Dorset
    lots of love jooles xxx

  3. You are more than welcome love x Thank you so so much for my advent gifts!!! I'm loving them especially my neck warmer this morning! Wowsers it's gorgeous :) I've not enough spare time to take pics either :)

    So much loveliness in this post and I love your vintage fabric apron. What a lovely gift.

    Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas with your family x

    Jo x x x

  4. The cake looks beautiful, love the bunting from Sew Sweet Violet.

    Rose's first Christmas, how exciting. My baby also is having his first Christmas and first birthday in January, lots of excitement ahead. I think Rose and I might even share the same birthday - 24th Jan? Anyway enough babbling have a lovely Christmas with your family and will read about your exploits in the New Year.

    Helen xx

  5. Your cake looks fab. Haven't got around to mine yet...
    Happy Christmas to you!

  6. I have to say Sarah is one very talented lady - that apron is gorgeous! Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2012. XX

  7. Your cake looks fab - Joole's bunting is so pretty! What a treat for you to have help with the ends of your blanket - a perfect Christmas present I'd say, it is my most unfavourite of jobs to do!! Wishing you and family a wonderful Christmas time, hope you have a magical one xxx

  8. Oooh, your cake looks fab!! I've haven't iced mine yet, another thing to do tomorrow!!

    I'm so chuffed you liked your pinny and "Ellie" - I really enjoyed making them and I love my patchwork notebook.

    Hope you have a lovely, lovely Christmas!!


    S x

  9. your cake looks delicious ,hope you enjoyed christmas and your holiday and all the best for the coming year xx