Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas market

We had a lovely day out today, Ray was in Scotland for the whole of last weekend so it was nice to do something altogether today.

There was a big Christmas market on just down the road from us which we thought would be nice to go to...and so did a lot of other people obviously, as we were queuing out on the main road for suchhh a long time!

When we finally got in it was lovely though, very busy but the whole place just had such a lovely festive feel to it. I'm now feeling very excited about Christmas... well, birthday first but I just love the whole build up to it.

Even the cold weather makes everything feel so much more festive.. I'm made all the more aware though that time is ticking by and I have a lot of family presents to get made!

We had a big milestone with Rose today, up until now she has been facing me in the pushchair as she seems to love smiling and babbling away to me. But on our way back from town this morning she was getting a bit cranky, so I took her out of the pushchair and turned the seat around. For the whole walk home she was good as gold... I think she's just got fed up of having to look at my boring old face everyday! I know this probably sounds so silly to a lot of people but it just feels sooo strange to have her facing away from me now, like she doesn't need my protection in the same way anymore. Soon she'll be leaving home!! haha

After walking around all of the stalls, we had a walk up the hill which was really lovely. Away from all the hustle and bustle. Everything looks so autumnal now, it won't be long until we're really into the cold winter...

Ray is growing a moustache for Movember, I'm not a big fan I have to say. It's at that really in between stage at the moment and looks a bit silly, very 70's! Goodness knows what his patients think when they walk in to see him!!

Even though there were loads of stalls at the market I didn't actually end up buying anything, well the stalls that I liked were the ones with all the handmade girly gifts but I just found myself thinking 'Well I could make that myself for a fraction of the price'! which got me thinking about maybe selling some thing's online. Being a stay-at-home Mum it would be so lovely to have some of my 'Own' money, even if it's a teensy tiny bit!

I know I'd have to have a good think about what I'd like to sell but I do have some time in the day when Rose is napping when I could be making things... I just don't have a clue where to start though!
Does anyone have any tips about where to start!? Where is the best place to sell? and also, where can you get things for nice packaging, like stickers, labels and things like that? Sorry to be a pain... but Any advice would be really appreciated!



  1. Yay! Another Movember wife, this is the second year my other half has done it. And yes he is still at the silly looking stage too!

  2. i love your walk to the christmas market, what a joy in the Autumnal colours of the landscape ;0)
    i keep trying to start up my online shop- i have the basics set up, but its just all the things im selling- and illustrations and cards , but trying to set up something that has a bit of everything from vintage, hand made and my own illustrations.
    im not quite ready to sell yet, but i seeked advise from the job centre on book keeping and costings through a business centre...which is helping, but its all a big , daunting step. And once christmas is out of the way i hope to make a go of it. When i was pregnant i worked on a craft stall with my twinny, but i did find people didnt want to pay even a few quid for things that took hours to was the atmosphere we enjoyed but both had other jobs too as we only made peanuts some days onthe stall...Your best idea might be folksy? etsy?...which im setting up too.

    rose is so sweet! x

  3. by the way is great for business cards, gift cards and stickers ;0)

  4. my hubby already sports a moustache and goatee so i am saved this dilemma, but its for a brilliant cause, someone on a photo challenge i belong to is photographing her husbands moustache each day!!
    as for selling your wares i'd say go for it even if it means that you are making a bit of money to buy more fabric/wool/etc i have sold on misi (which was great but has been having a few problems recently) i do have shops on etsy, folksy and wow thank you and also sell via facebook you could also open a blog shop here on blogger, i would suggest you have a look at different sites and pick the one that you think suits your needs the best as there are pros and cons for all of them and its just a personal preference as to layout ease of listing size of the site etc good luck and keep us posted!!

  5. I LOVE Christmas, everything about it! We found a christmas enchanted forest to visit nearby but it was really expensive to get in and I had to admit to myself that Mabel won't have a clue what is going on yet. It was definitely more about me!
    Ray's moustache is brilliant.
    Nelly x

  6. Hi Ashley!
    Lovely photos! My advice about selling your handmade things is go for it, but do your research first. Once you decided what you want to sell, have a look at the competition, their prices etc. Work out how long it would take you to make your items and how much your materials would cost. Many people sell online and it is a very competitive business and it takes a lot of time to keep on top of it, taking photos, uploading etc as well as making your products. And as Country Rabbit sais, sadly peoply just don't want to pay much money. My friend and I sell on Etsy, but we mainly sell supplies, like vintage fabric and washi tape. I highly recommend Etsy or Art Fire. I didn't like Folksy or Misi. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!
    P.S I am working on a new blog which will be solely a craft diary and will be shutting down Yarn, needles and a cup of coffee.

    Kristina x

  7. Hiya, my husband is doing the Mo-vember thing too.....I really find the tashe too tickley!
    But it's all in a good cause!

    I don't have children, but I remember when I was a nanny, how the children loved to face the world, so to speak, in their prams....they would get so excited!
    It's lovely to watch them enjoy a different view from the pram!


  8. lovely pictures of you in this post. Good work on the tashe ray - almost as good as mine! (don't mock, you too will one day be 40!)
    fee x

  9. How exciting to go to a Christmas market.......I love everything Christmas so I would bea bit of a nightmare at a market.

    Being crafty does often mean you think.....'how much, I could make that!' the only thing is, I could do with one of those spy cameras in my necklace or something, as I always forget the little details.

    I think that you've had a lot of great advice from others, it's difficult I should imagine to get things right straight away. Do you know anyone who has a shop that may put a few things sale or return? I know there are galleries etc... Around here who like to help local crafters. I think doing a stall is a good Market research tool, but pick your destination well, as already said some places people don't realise the work behind a handcrafted item and don't spend much. I've done a school fayre a few years running with some sewn things, and it has been more successful than I thought it may be. But something's you soon realise are time consuming to make and won't be priced according to your time.

    Have fun dreaming!

  10. wow, what a beautiful place you live in...
    precious little baby you have..
    Take care,

  11. Thank you for leaving me a note. Now I can follow you too. Off to see what else your are Pinning. You know I love pinning just about as much as hooking.

  12. I felt exactly the same about the pushchair thing. I loved her facing me so much. However, the time comes to let them see the world and yes it did feel really weird!

  13. Weirdly, I've been missing loads of your posts. Didn't show up on my feed. SORRY LOVE!!!
    This post is fab, you look as gorgeous as ever (darn you gal) and Ray's tash is coming on a treat!!!
    Just caught up with your macaroon post - I don't rate them either but they do look very pretty, well done.
    Hope Rose is being a good little girl. She looks so cute!
    Gem x