Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chilly cycle ride!

The other evening I was reading a lovely blog (I cannot for the life of me remember who's blog this was but I left a comment so if you realise it's you I'm talking about Please remind me - I obviously still have a case of baby brain!)

But anywayy.. she was talking about a lovely walk she has been on with her son and dog by the canal and that got me thinking that we have our own canal really close by and we don't go down to enjoy it nearly often enough!

So the the next day (Sunday) we got all wrapped up and headed out on our bikes to go for a canal-side ride. It was pretty nippy but I made sure Rose was all toasty and we had the most wonderful time...

During the summer Rose was just a bit too small to go on the seat we got for my bike and so I haven't ridden with her many time but it's just so lovely to be poodling along with her in front of me, Ray was getting plenty of smiles (he was in front of me) so I know she was enjoying herself.

The only problem was that as soon as we got off our bikes to sit on a bench to enjoy the view and a cup of tea out of our flask, she fell fast asleep! She's sleeping in the photo, not feeding by the way..! This was a bit of a problem since I didn't want to wake her and risk her crying the whole way home and she obviously couldn't go in the bike seat asleep, so we ended up walk for 10 minutes with Rose sleeping on my shoulder and Ray walking with both bikes.

Thankfully (as she's SO heavy now!) she woke soon after and was quite happy so we got back on our bikes to head home.

(I admit...there was a pit-stop at Waitrose to get some mince-pies though!)

Right, I'm off to go have a Another flick through my beautiful birthday quilting books I got given by Ray today, suchhh gorgeous photo's inside! :-)



  1. Looks lovely, i think sometimes its easy to forget what is right on our doorstep, i know we do but its nice to 'rediscover' it again. Bless little Rose, all that fresh air will have put her out for the count! K xx

  2. I am so glad you have had a lovely Birthday my special niece and I can't wait to see you tomorrow xx

  3. Lovely blog and pictures,oh
    to have the children that small again ,time seems to run away,mine are 15,12 and 5,your baby is soo sweet xx

  4. Oh sweet! such a nice thing to do. We have the same bike!! I got mine in September and called her Agatha!! I keep meaning to go on a nice long bike ride, i LOVE riding my bike!
    My youngest is 4 and half and too big for me to ride with him, he fidgets too much!

  5. Just found your blog via Kazzy @ Country Rabbit :)

    Our boys always seemed to doze off on the back of the bike when they were small. Must have been all the fresh air :)

  6. Just found you via Faith - it looks like you had a lovely outing, even if not quite what you planned! Fresh air definitely makes babies go to sleep!

    Pomona x

  7. It looks like you had such a lovely time out on your bikes, and Rose looked totally chilled out. I am glad that you had a lovely birthday and i cant wait to see you at the beginning of December..... i think a little daughter and granddaughter spoiling is in order.
    Love you lots Mum xxxx

  8. Rose looks very cosy in all her snuggly layers!

  9. Your little girl is such a happy little bundle and so cute. Always smiling in every post. Love your shirt. The colors and the pattern inspires me.