Friday, 12 July 2013

Yarn and a summer salad

I've been hurrying along on a couple of my current knitting WIP's, as I desperately want to join in with Sarah's knitalong over at craftsfromthecwtch but I cannot have So many things on the go. I find I actually start to feel stressed over the amount of unfinished projects I have half-knitted, which is silly really as it's supposed to just be a very enjoyable hobby!

I've chosen and printed out the pattern for the Cloud Illusions shawl which looks so beautiful... hopefully I can manage all of that lace! The yarn that I've chosen to use is a 100g skein from The Yarn Gallery which I hope will look good with that pattern. 

I finished Rose's cardigan this morning before 7am, as all of the little people in the house decided to be awake nice and early! It was good to get it washed and and blocked out at that time though because it meant it has dried very quickly in the sunshine today! I will take some photo's and put them in a post soon for you to see.

I'm still trying hard with the healthy eating... it's been hard on a couple of days when we have been visiting family and things. It's always easier for me to eat the right things when I'm at home and have the option of something healthy.