Saturday, 6 July 2013


We've had the most wonderful day here today. This morning Ray went for a bike ride with Rose in her bike seat down to the canal where they fed the ducks and watched the boats going up and down the canal. He sent me a video of Rose watching a boat going by whilst they were calling over 'Good morning!' and she looked completely fascinated by it all. It also meant that I had a good hour where the house was a little quieter with just Arthur and I in. Fortunately I managed to get him down for his morning nap quite quickly which meant that after getting dressed, I actually had a little luxury Saturday morning knitting time! Always a bonus!

We went down to a Fun day fair thing that was happening just out of Chichester but returned pretty quickly as it was heaving with people and Rose, who would have enjoyed it much more than us was actually sleeping in the buggy. So after a quick wander around, we returned home (stopping off at the shop for a few picnic goodies) and got everything together to head down to a really beautiful gardens that is a short walk from our house. Unfortunately there was a huge gust of wind through the house as we were about to head out the door and our hallway door slammed on a couple of Rose's fingers. The look on her face was just awful, it must have been so so painful. Luckily there wasn't too much damage and she's just scraped a little skin from above her fingernails on two fingers. But this meant that the walk round to the gardens was a bit stressful with me pulling Rose along on her scooter while she wailed away to herself. No amount of cuddles seemed to make her feel any better, so I ended up singing a Very long version of 'Old MacDonald' to her which she just couldn't resist telling me which animals to sing about next, it didn't stop her crying but we had a little pause between the wails at least!

I'd actually choose to have a simple afternoon in a park any day over a big busy event like the one we went to first of all. It was so lovely to spent some quality time together, just us. Rose was soon distracted from her sore fingers by running around the gardens chasing her ball with either myself or Ray (a little chocolate cake may have also helped here!). It was also peaceful enough that Arthur had a huge nap in the buggy and woke up a very happy chap. I could sit and knit a few rows of Rose's cardigan and have some lovely conversations with Ray.

Apparently the weather is supposed to be beautiful and even warmer tomorrow, so I plan to spend most of my time outdoors if possible!



  1. I remember accidentally shutting my toddler daughters fingers in the door jamb once, no harm done but she screamed the place down and I felt the guiltiest I ever have.

    Love the shot of Arthur's feet and the chevron blanket :)

  2. Beautiful children!!! Looks like a lovely day.


  3. The children and the flowers are beautiful. I hope my story doesn't upset you. I thought the doctor in your family might like it. My granddaughter actually had her finger tip just at the knuckle cut off in a door jam. She was only 2, it was just awful. It was her ring finger. The doctor sewed the found part back on. He also fitted her with a metal cast that you used an ace bandage with. They cleaned her finger and cared for it every day. One day that tip fell off and VOILA her finger tip had grown back, nail and all. We were amazed at this small miracle. You can't tell it at all. Amazing isn't it. Sorry I had to gross you out with the first part of the story. So glad that Rose's fingers are okay.

  4. Really beautiful pictures in this post Ashley - you've captured the day so perfectly.

    Poor little Rose - she'll probably forget all about the incident as soon as her fingers feel better but I bet you remember the look on her face for a great deal longer.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    Heather x

  5. Oh, poor Rose! Sounds like you managed to have a lovely day despite it though. Some gorgeous shots too! :)

  6. Ouch!! Before you were born I shut my thumb in the school taxi. AND he started to drive off!!!! I remember sitting on the stairs at Dottery roaring like a lion until Nan came out of the kitchen to tell me off for making so much noise. I think she nearly fainted. You know how good she is with blood!!! Arthur's toes are sooooo long!!